Thread for all the new Onuka fans


After watching this year’s Eurovision (my first Eurovision by the way) I have came to the conclusion that Onuka is amazing! I figured I would make a thread for all the others that were impressed with this Ukraine electro-folk band.
Also their music videos are amazing if you haven’t looked them up yet.


I find it really awesome that they endeavor to keep Ukrainian folk instruments alive in their music, according to what I’ve been reading. Hearing their interval act performed with the Ukrainian National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments was especially intense. It was also awesome hearing the Austin et. al. commentary stream and their subsequent tweets rave about them, as well.


Hearing that the Vidlik video is basically the aesthetic for the upcoming FatT campaign makes me so excited, lotsa Point Clouds and monochromatic clothing…


Defo keeping track of Onuka now, I’ve been listening to a few of their tracks since the show ended, it’s a really interesting take on that The Knife-ish scandi-synth-pop thing, and their visual aesthetic is so fucking good


Honestly, this was the best thing in watching Eurovision today. Mind you its a lot of fun but… man, this music just scratches so many itches in the bes way for me. I’ve been needing something new to get lost in lately and man… just healing stuff for the soul.


This was absolutely incredible. Once it started going my wife just turned to me and went “what the fuck” and we started dancing on the sofa. Absolutely amazing.


Footage of the performance is now up:


Onuka in concert with the Brevis Orchestra–really well produced for video of a live performance!


Real talk: After being mostly let down by the Eurovision acts not bringing enough insanity to the table (Azerbaijan gave it a shot, and so did Hungary’s music jug) to have Onuka show up and just deliver some Tron fever dream was a goddamn revelation. I immediately searched them up on Google Music and added them to my library, because HOT DAMN that was some quality business.

Literally spent the rest of the evening watching their music videos and being very excited about them. This is the first time I’ve watched Eurovision and come away with a new band to follow - pity I couldn’t vote for them, though I suppose Ukraine wouldn’t be hot on the idea of hosting twice in a row.