Three Violent Minutes with a Game That Remembers Why It Hates You

'Thousand Threads' gives its NPCs just enough memory and motivation to create a Hobbesian hellscape.

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this feels like the sort of game that everybody thought we were heading for in the early nineties but sort of fell to the wayside when we realized it was very hard and the big budget games became increasingly risk averse, I’m glad the tech is getting to a point now where these super small (one man?) teams can do this sort of thing, it’s been interesting over the past few years to watch the indiest end of the indie scene graduate from flash games to 3D to starting to fill in that experimental middle tier that a few years ago we were mourning the death of.

Also, I was reading this unawares when I came across “At around this point he mis-throws a rock and it hits Dorinda and it’s just a complete disaster. Just a real mess.” and realized, oh this must be a Jack de Quidt piece. it is such a Jack turn of phrase and I love it.