Tim Curry And Why He is Great


Talking about what we like about the actor, his legendary work, and why we should all bow down to him


I mean… he’s just so happy to deliver that line.


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Did Someone say Tim Curry



Best Curry


but like this is the best.


Lest we forget…



I had no idea he was Lord of Darkness!!

Also, I had the same reaction when I found out when he played Pennywise from the movie “It” D: D: D:

But Nigel Curry is best Curry.


Let’s not forget Curry’s contribution to gaming! Gabriel Knight really is a gem of a game


I mean that really is best


Let’s not forget his beautiful anthem for Halloween.


goat tim curry way better than tim allen


I’m so glad this was in here before I had to post it, this is such an important yearly staple




I have never seen this Thank you so much for this


Danielle mentioned Tim Curry in guide to games today, and all I’ve been able to think about since is Clue. Was going to start this same thread, but I searched it and it existed haha.

Anyway, here’s the best 1 minute and 37 seconds of cinema

edit: Just watched this. Sadly gets cut off before he’s done explaining, but hard to find a better clip. Guess people will just have to watch the whole movie to see how great this is.


I first read this as “steph curry and why he is great” and was weirdly surprised. But now I’m loving this tim curry rabbit hole while simultaneously watching basketball. vry good.


Auntie Whispers for Most Underrated Curry Character 2k14


Tim Curry has never phoned in a role in his life and I like to thing the universe has rewarded him for it.


I was not as hot on OtGW as many others were, but Auntie Whispers was a real highlight, even before I knew it was Tim Curry