TimeSplitters, what happened?

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What ever happened to the TimeSplitters series? Why isn’t it ever mentioned with the big console fps games (Golden eye, Halo, etc.)? Was it not as good as I remember? Review scores seem to agree with my memory so why didn’t it take off? I would love for this once great franchise to make a return to glory.


I believe that like four companies have a piece of the license somehow, but it’s for sure an issue other licensing in general.


That is unfortunate. I’d heard of a fan made remake in the works that supposedly had permission from free radical, but that was years ago. I’m assuming that’s dead in the water.


Maaaaaan I fucking loved TimeSplitters. I didn’t have an Xbox at the time and I remember trying to convince my friend that it was definitely a better game than Halo 2. I was wrong, but the game is still very fun. I liked how changing the difficulty actually added more objectives and made the levels longer.

Also I spent hours and hours on those arcade challenges trying to get gold metals. I have a distinct memory of one where you had to use bricks to try and break all the windows on a snow level.

I should find a way to play some TS…


This was posted in early Feb. I think it might be that fan thing you are talking about @Rizzo36


Those arcade challenges were​ the best!


I don’t think it’s been forgotten. I was talking to a co-worker the other day about the ‘golden age’ of couch co-op and how we both had so much nostalgia for it. When I mentioned Timesplitters/2 his face lit up. I think it’s very fondly remembered.

In the past six months I’ve considered buying a PS2 just to play these games. The speed, the amount of zany shit, multiplayer options… one of the greatest console FPS games for sure.


Timesplitters 2 was the favorite game of all time for a very long period of time due to the fact that I only owned a GameCube and it was literally the best shooter to ever come out on that console


One of the greatest shooters of all time - every day a small part of me prays for the trilogy to come to PC. Every day I am disappointed.


TimeSplitters 2 is the best FPS of all time. The levels and art style had such character and the music was fantastic. The old west level in particular is a favorite. My friends and I spent hours playing the various modes. We barely ever touched Deathmatch, though. We were more into modes like Virus and Elimination. I posted this elsewhere, but elimination on Chinese Restaurant with bricks only is an amazing and tense experience.

TimeSplitters 3 was also very good, but not as good. It was really fantastic to play it online on PS2, despite the limited install base of the network adapter.

I would LOVE to see this series return for real. Sad that it’s not as remembered as Goldeneye, which doesn’t hold up at all.


My kingdom for the fun factor and map editor present in the Timesplitters series. I haven’t been interested in a shooter since Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


I don’t think the license is necessary to make a new, great Timesplitters game, the individual characters were kinda thin and the settings were, by their very nature, interchangeable. As someone who played lots of PS2 era shooters, I think a modern version of that brought back, warts and all, would be a lot of fun.


My FPS experience was a direct lineage from Timesplitters to TF2 to Overwatch. It’s a good trajectory and I’ll miss the fun times with TS and the dual wielding monkeys. I think the hard thing with modernising it is avoiding it becoming a very balanced competitive esport trending shooter, instead of being a goofy fun game with different characters, modes and settings. I’d kickstart it in a heartbeat though.


As long as there are still monkeys.


Yeah, I don’t think anyone owns the trademark on monkeys so they’re probably good.


TimeSplitters 2 was my first PS2 game and wouldn’t bother about it if my uncle wouldn’t have given it to me as a gift. While its campaign levels may be rough and differ by quality, the very first level Siberia is in my view one of the best designed levels ever.
What made this game stand out is its stupid amount of modes and mini-games. It had a zombie-survival minigame, before any other game had it. Other than that my friend and I spend so much time in multiplayer back then holding a Virus mode match as long as possible in that building in the Ice Station.
It gives you so much that you can have fun with it beyond the game’s purposed goals.

With Halo easily the finest shooter of the sixth gen.

The series’ soundtracks are available on Graeme Norgate’s bandcamp page, btw.