Tiny silly video about being Bad At Necrodancer


The thing is, it’s a very punny game, and I’ve been poking at the idea of putting more puns into the world, i guess?

[let’s see if this WORKED]


Haha, nice :smiley:

I’ve been meaning to get back to trying that game some day, I tried playing it on my TV via steam link but the input lag was too much for me to get very far.


Yeah, calibration needs to be done very carefully for any setup/controller/person, or it can be really bad.


@Anime has the right of it! Input lag makes this game feel terrible.

FWIW, other than ultra casual Bard runs (=no time limit and no rhythm restrictions!), I basically have only played this game in weird, random bursts of activity, separated by spans of many moons – so you would be in, if not good company, at least company.


Fun. That game is beautiful and too much for me to handle


Made one for Melody :B

I did PB a couple times with her in the course of making this, but only by a few seconds, and with lots of fumbling.


Bard is technically easy since you have all the time in the world to think about your move, so I tried speedrunning and deliberately doing dangerous shit for the Bard one to get some deaths. They were… uh… ignoble.

The Dove one went a little overlong and features extremely clumsy Italian because puns recognize no linguistic border. On the bright side, it has absolutely no shopkeeper-killing, because pacifist! (I also learned that apparently her teleport-bombs do not teleport shopkeepers either – just nothing happens. Oh, well.)