Tips for a first time convention goer


Going to my first bigger comic convention. Picking up some art and other stuff and planning on going to some panels. Any advice for me and others like me who are going for their first time?


Good shoes, refillable water bottle, and don’t fill your schedule up too much with panels and whatnot. Give yourself a lot of time to wander and meet people.


I know people think this is a joke when others say this but please take a shower and wear deodorant. It shouldn’t need to be said but one of the worst parts is ending up next to someone who has clearly forgotten what personal hygiene is.


Like others have said, make sure you’re hydrated and be ready to be on your feet a ton. Also, def keep an eye on your budget, it’s easy to go overboard. Have fun! Take lots of pictures and snag freebies.


i would also pack some snacks, or scope out somewhere for lunch near the convention center. the food at the con will be way too expensive and usually pretty bad.


Oh yeah, definitely grabbed my dad shoes that have the support, and grabbed a set amount to spend.


Lucked out there’s a bar not far. Pub food should work.


Im just gonna give Comic con Advice as that the only con i been to
traveling definitely do the Suitcase inside a suit case thing you Never know what Free stuff or cool thing you end up getting

Food in the convention center will be overpriced and not taste great look for local Deli’s Liquor stores or 7 11’s for snacks and Restaurants a few streets away from the convention center for better food and pricing

Ask Questions if you want answers and ask different people same questions order of importance is usually Exhibitors Volunteer Security other con goers YMMV

your not Gonna get to do everything you planned and that’s okay sometimes it good to go with the flow going with the flow lead me to seeing a trailer for Ultron before anyone else and i got free snacks friend got a toy for having a samsung phone


Seconding the shoes! Make sure they’re broken in a bit before you go though. I’ve been a PAX Enforcer in the past and found that these things are super handy:

  • Water bottle
  • First aid kit
  • Moleskin bandages for dem blisters
  • Sharpies
  • Little sewing kit
  • SOCKS.
  • A flexibile mindset: there’s rarely a way to hit ALL content; a good con will plan it that way to break up crowds. Don’t hurt yourself getting to the next event.
  • Toiletries – hanging out at cons is hard on the body, having your essentials to relax with makes life better.
  • An extra set of headphones


You’re probably going to get separated from your group at some point, so have a plan set in place for that because signal inside conventions can be Rough.


Understand that a lot of, perhaps not all, the people you really want to talk to/interact with are probably in a rush.

Like, they’re at a convention, and this is almost always work for designers, actors, artists, etc. Usually they’ll have a meet up or something scheduled, and the rest of the time they’re rushing from point A to point B, and if/when they stop to shake everybody’s hand, or say hello, they can simply run out of time. (Which isn’t to say don’t, but just, if you can keep it brief, and understand that they aren’t just trying to be rid of you because they don’t want to talk with you, but rather that they can’t, you’ll probably have fewer “well they were rude!” reactions to people you’re a fan of.)

I personally suggest a small backpack if you’ve got one. It’s a long day, and as people have noted you’ll be wanting to pack a water bottle, possibly snacks, a coat/jacket if you aren’t wearing one (depending on location) and that’s you’re baseline of stuff you’re carrying. If you have any intention of then getting more stuff, free t-shirts, bought t-shirts, swag, pins, buttons, it’s going to mean carrying them in your arms. Unless. Unless you have a small backpack. Every time I go to PAX now, I’m rocking one, and I tend to end up carrying stuff for other people in my group. (Which might also be a good way to split labor, a group of several people probably don’t each need a backpack as long as you’re sticking together, and someone isn’t going to lose you, and want their water bottle you’re carrying.)

OH - That’s the big one. Again, I’m sure this varies by location, but many convention centers/huge gatherings, your phone will not, or nearly not work. If you’re with people but want to split up, and re-convene, set times and locations ahead of time to meet back up. Until you know your phones are working for communication, assume they won’t, and plan accordingly. (Particularly with ride sharing, lunch plans, etc.)


Yeah, unless they are at a booth, seems like it’s a quick “hello” and maybe a pic if you are ready. I was just letting things happening and getting out of the way.


MegaRan has a good song about this! :blush:

Overall though, You either go lite or you go packed for bear. If you go light, then just the bare-essentials. Cash, charge that phone but avoid using it too much, and comfortable clothing. If possible, turn off data usage on your phone and/or set it to a low battery mode. As noted by @Anime it’s going to be difficult to get any sort of data signal, and most modern smartphones will keep trying to call home for updates when its signal is too weak. Just use it for calls only.

If you’re going to pack, get a good messenger style bag that’s soft. Especially if you’re going to buy a ton of things and it might be awkwardly shaped. Add to that a bottle of water, sanitizer, pens, and small hard candy that can help between water breaks. (Along with the essentials as well.)