'Titanfall' Players Are Worried About a Game They Love But Can't Control

Titanfall and Apex Legends are similar games in many ways. They're both developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts. They're both multiplayer first person shooters. They're even set in the same futuristic universe.

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Player-hosted dedicated servers. Just sayin’.


I would think there’s some complication preventing them from releasing the server distributable… otherwise I would’ve thought they would do it by now.

I don’t want to be that guy but it is an EA published game :frowning:

Oh, they’ll never convert the game to support player-hosted servers. Even if they wanted to, it would require a massive overhaul of the client to include a server browser instead of relying on the matchmaking backend.

But from a game preservation standpoint, it’s really the only thing to do.


The way EA handles things, the community would need to very quietly build a server emulator in order to survive. But from what I’ve read, that’d be a bit of a task to reverse engineer since so much of the game logic is server side.

Yes, the grunt AI is handled in the cloud. Even if you deconstructed the outgoing packets you’d only be able to take a swing at the appropriate APIs

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I would settle for the classic direct connect option where you put in an IP address. Just give me the option to spin up an AWS EC2 instance with their server image on it and I will gladly foot the bill for the weekends when I want to play with friends. I don’t see their code and EA can get paid.

Also the grunt AI is not what I would call amazing. It felt like modified Combine Soldier AI squad routines. Not to mention the AI does exist in singleplayer, I would be willing to bet the use of the word cloud was more for marketing then actual execution.

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F-in dope for some reason to remember that Titanfall 2 is made in Source.