To Get Better at 'Battlegrounds,' Stop Hiding and Start Shooting

Mere survival doesn't prepare you for 'PUBG' crunch-time.

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I couldn’t agree more. I only ever started winning solo games and actually contributing in duos and squads after I spent hours dropping onto the military base and getting into fire fights so I could get used to the shooting mechanics and improve my situational awareness. The streamers I watch when I’m unable to play have also gotten so much better in fire fights now from repeated “frag out” practice.

I strongly prefer solo squads over solo games now too. I find solo squads actually makes it a lot easier to get away from people long enough to get some basic gear and then I can go wherever I need to stay in the zone and shoot people as necessary and because everyone else is in a squad, they assume that I’m part of a squad too and they have no idea where my teammates are. Sadly I’ve yet to win a real solo squad though, but I have gone all the way in a squad game with one squad mate disconnecting and the other dying in the first few minutes.

Someone should try telling Austin this.

Getting people to start dropping in good loot areas is a good thing to do early with your group of friends. You can always drop in the middle of nowhere, and be “top 50” but you so rarely have equipment to get a win. Most of the time it’s just slow/boring, until you get outgunned. Offers up the “bored until dead” play loop.

I think the three phases I’ve gone through with PUBG have felt very natural.

Try to get better.
Try to have fun.
Try to get better at having fun.

All of them have pointed to early action.

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