Today’s Fighting Game Story Modes are Simply the Best

‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’ follows ‘Injustice 2’ and ‘Street Fighter V’ in featuring a bedazzling, baffling campaign of silliness.

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That feeling when you read an article on fighting game story modes…and Arc System Works isn’t mentioned once.

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To expect any kind of coverage for anime fighters is a despairingly lost cause.

Nevertheless I did enjoy SF5’s story and I hope for a new chapter this year.

Shoutout to the Tekken storylines: throwing sons and fathers into volcanos since 1994


My favorite part about the Tekken 7 story is the fact that I have no idea are the "good guys"
Heihachi? Noted thrower of children off cliffs?
Jin? Who I find out declared war on everyone??
Kazuya? An actual devil along with Jin?

Ehhhhh I dunno. I enjoyed MK9’s and (to a slightly lesser degree) MKX’s stories and while I don’t have much experience with Tekken its story is gleefully absurd. But if I’m being honest the demo for Infinite kinda put me off. I knew it would be ridiculous at the very least, but something about it seemed hokey. Could be my perception of the quality of the voice acting, dialogue, or the script, I dunno. I love me some bonkers story modes but something about this didn’t sit right with me.

In reality the only truly good guy in Tekken is King, street fighter urchin turned Catholic priest, turned luchador turned orphanage owner and recovering alcoholic.

I love Tekken so god damn much.