Tokusatsu Time!


With the recent resurgence of Power Rangers and Godzilla films this topic has been on my mind recently.

I’m a pretty active listener of the Power Rangers rewatch podcast, Teenagers with Attitude plug link here One of the topics which occasionally comes up is not knowing the series was adapted from Japan and then watching and enjoying the source material later in life.

Personally, when I learned that fact I had grown out of watching Power Rangers and it wasn’t until I saw discussion about the show Kamen Rider Fourze that I became interested in the series again.

Anyone else have similar experiences? What was the show which got you interested in the world of live-action television for Japanese children? What are your all-time favorite series?


I haven’t really watched Power Rangers recently but I tend to still enjoy it when I do. I bought the big helmet that contained the first 20 seasons when that was around (it might still be?), really cool purchase. I tried watching through the series in order but I stopped around Turbo because while everywhere in the series you get the impression the writers just don’t care, it felt like the apathy levels went way higher with it and it became hard for me to care to continue- just haven’t felt like watching since.

But as far as Tokusatsu shows go, I got into them around 3-4 years ago. I knew that stuff was out there but never bothered checking it out until I knew someone at college who would show some stuff in the TV area and I loved it- most people hated it though and would be really rude whenever he’d show something. I eventually sat down and watched a series on my own- Gokaiger. It’s incredible, and gave me some familiarity with the history of the whole Super Sentai franchise. I then went to Go-Busters, the next series and enjoyed that quite a bit too. I skipped a few so I could start watching it weekly, which I’ve been doing since Ninninger. I also have been picking up the series released by Shout Factory- I’ve watched through Zyuranger, Dairanger & Kakuranger. Still need to watch Ohranger and Carranger is coming out soon!

The only one I didn’t completely love so far was Kakuranger, which I actually really liked a lot of the things it had going for it, but it felt like around the halfway point of the series they stopped developing all the cool stuff they had and just rode it out. Pretty upsetting because I was sure it’d be my favorite series had they just built up on all the stuff they introduced already.

Not sure if I really have a favorite, every series has something going for it that makes it stand out and shine on its own. I might inch towards Go-Busters because it felt like they were taking risks with the whole Super Sentai format while still keeping the core elements of it.

As far as Kamen Rider goes, I’ve been watching that since Drive. I started watching Kuuga but I haven’t finished it yet. Drive is definitely my favorite, extremely well done show all around with a really lovable cast. Ghost was pretty tough to watch through- I loved the characters but the plot felt like the writers didn’t care about it at all. Ex-Aid is great so far.

I’ve also watched a bit of Garo. Haven’t watched any of the older ones but I’ve been watching nearly everything that’s come out since Goldstorm on. I don’t know if I’m a huge fan of it overall but it’s fun enough where I enjoy watching.

Haven’t really been into Godzilla or anything like that but I’m open to it.


I’ve seen all of Kamen Rider Ghost, most of Zyuohger, two episodes of Garo, and one episode each of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Changeman. Still have a lot of catching up to do.

Really need to get around to Fourze since my friends all love it.


oh I forgot about Kamen Rider Amazons! Really loved the first season. Don’t know how I feel about the second one yet, but the first one was good enough where I’m sure I’ll watch through it no matter what happens. It’s pretty neat to have a more Adult series run alongside the one for kids.


I can definitely recommend Fourze pretty much unreservedly, I also really like Shinkenger, Zyuohger and Jetman on the sentai side. I’ve also been going through Ultraman Orb with the added bonus of it being available on Crunchyroll.