'Tokyo 41' and Sincerity in the Age of the Big Lie


The dying craft of the bullshit artist in an era of toxic bullshit.

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This whole story bums me out since I actually kind of like clever, well done publicity stunts, especially in small scale cases like this where someone makes up for budget limitations with creativity. It’s just all so negative and mean spirited.

Imagine how much better it would be, not to mention how much more coverage they would get, if instead of the copyright troll angle they “discovered” an old copy of Tokyo 41. Rather than spending all that effort arguing with their own sockpuppets they could’ve made a prop cartridge to pull out of a cardboard box in the garage.

I have a hard time believing how anyone could think this would end well. Between lying about harassment and(from Kotaku’s story) sending an “email accusing PCGN of inaccurate reporting that was sent to other media outlets” there was no way this wouldn’t backfire with both the public and the press.