Tokyo Game Show 2019?

Tokyo Games Show is this upcoming weekend! I haven’t seen anybody really talk about it, and looking at the line-up there’s not a ton of stuff that excites me. Lots of mobile games. The games I am really curious about are mostly trailers, so I’m hoping it’s new footage that’ll tell us more. There is a playable Hollow Knight demo which might just be the E3 demo, but still exciting!

Most detailed schedule I could find for the weekend

What’re your thoughts? Looking forward to anything? Have you been before, and is it worth checking out?

Tokyo Game Show is the ghost of E3 future. I miss it as the big place to see Japanese games that have very little chance of either making to America, or even being localized at all.
I just don’t have interest in Japanese mobile games.
But I’m looking forward to seeing the turn based Yakuza game, DragonBall Z: Kakarot, Phantasy Star Online 2, Ys IX, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Most of these are just curiosities on how they play.

Looking forward to it. Both Guilty Gear and Granblue Fantasy Versus have scheduled stage time.

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Some new System Shock 3 footage! Not sure if this is connected to TGS, but it dropped today.

Looks real spooky!

“Early 2020” starting to look busy.


50 Minutes of Death Stranding gameplay.

That sure is an awkward thumbnail.

Edit: I love this woman with Hideo who is just losing her shit at all the mechanics.

Maybe you saw the FF7 Remake trailer with english voices? If it’s going to sound like that, please god let us use japanese voices.

I think every Square release since like Lightning Returns has had (at least) dual audio, so I’m hoping that trend continues.