Tokyo Mirage Sessions Hashtag Fire Emblem


Nobody owns a Wii U and even among that subset, nobody bought TMS #FE but it is secretly the Best Wii U Game and here are a few reasons why:

  • Having your friends message you constantly (complete with Line stickers) and having the Wii U gamepad be your dang phone
  • The songs are realllll good
  • The tank party member is the host of a microwave cooking show who probably weighs less than the axe she carries
  • Team-up attacks (also set to song)

I’m hoping that Atlus takes note of all the Wii U ports coming out and brings this to the Switch. Who else has seen the light that is TMS #FE?


I did not finish Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but I really enjoyed my time with it. It’s still sitting on my TV stand waiting for me to pick it back up. After I wrap up Persona 5 I fully intend to return to “J-Pop Spirit Battles,” as it’s known in my home.


I almost bought a WiiU with my Christmas money for this game but it wasn’t very long after the New Year before Nintendo revealed the Switch. I figured there is a good shot it might come to Switch, plus I have enough JRPGs that I haven’t played. Maybe someday.


I really hope this gets another chance on Switch. I’d love to play this but I’m just not going to go to the hassle of getting a Wii U to do it.


I loved this game.

Fantastic music and battle system.

It was my GOTY 2016.


It was a nice good bye for the WiiU with this game. Played it to completion. It was a nice way to get ready for persona 5.


Playing Persona 5 really made me appreciate this game in retrospect since it does a lot of the same stuff P5 does with characters talking over text and stuff. I wish more people played this. It was a solid, fun game.


Just started playing it a couple of months ago, and it’s definitely a good intro to the persona/smt series. A switch Port would be dope, maybe they can get English VO for it :hushed:


Right after I post about how I don’t play JRPGs these days I’m going to say if they brought this to Switch I would totally play it


It didn’t really hit me how much I absolutely LOVED this game until I looked back and started thinking about it a few months after I finished.

The dungeon crawling and puzzles were so cool and usually just challenging enough to be worthwhile. I also can’t get over how fun and satisfying the battle system was, setting up and executing sessions and special performances was so fun and satisfying.

This was actually my first real experience with anything SMT related and since jumping into P3 and P5 afterward I really appreciate how they cleverly combined the weapon system in fire emblem with the concept of collecting and fusing Personas.

I would definitely hop back into this game if they ever ported it to Switch and I drool at the idea of a fleshed out sequel that adds in more of the social aspects of the Persona games to strengthen up the story a bit.


Definitely the Wii U’s swan song, what a great game, I had a great time playing this anime game. I hope it gets a Switch port so more people can experience its greatness.


The Session system is SO good. I love watching all my friends tag in to whale on an enemy.


I just realized I described the battle system as “fun and satisfying” twice in a row :cold_sweat: But dammit it was!


Aye, it’s rare that I actively love a battle system in a JRPG tbh, but this game gets it spot on.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a wonderfully fun game I hope to get back to this summer. TMS #FE, Along with Xenoblade Chronicles X, Bayonetta 2 and a couple Wii games (like The Last Story and the original Xenoblade Chronicles), are what keep me bringing with me (and setting up) my Wii U every time I go between home and University.

I’m just pretty bad at finishing games (especially when my current playthrough is broken up such as time for work, revision and exams) so Tokyo Mirage Sessions just joins the many other fantastic games I can’t stop thinking about.


I never even started it, and I sincerely regret it.


Been meaning to pick this up for ages, but still crunching through my backlog of other games. Way too many great (and unfortunately massive) games released over the last year.


I’m about 3 chapters into the game, then Zelda came out and I binged on that. I’m definitely going to see through the rest of TMS#FE though!


I picked up a Wii U for Breath of the Wild, and planned to play this next, but then I got distracted by Nier: Automata. Here’s hoping I find time for it this summer.


This is a pretty good opportunity to share my video game song of 2016:
The Labyrinth sung by Kiria in Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Here’s the long version (without the music video because that might be too spoilery since people like unlocking them in-game)