Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Looks Like a Fascist's Dream

Can someone go check on Ubisoft Owlient, cuz this shit looks baaaaaaad

It’s literally "World government’s create an extralegal task force of super cops to fight chaos agents disguised as ‘populists.’"AND THEY’RE LITERALLY USING THE BLM FIST to represent the terrorists! Like, Tom Clancy media has always been reactionary operator porn, but even by the standards of the Clance this seems really awful. I want to give the benefit of the doubt to this team, but this seems like way too much to just be the result of incuriousness.

And here’s a statement from Ubisoft, saying the raised fist imagery will be removed


Another update, because the situation is still unfolding:

This guy actually worked on the game and was NOT informed that the game would have this tone

It’s terrible that the level of malicious incompetence displayed by the people making decisions at Ubi is not even surprising anymore.

Once again, this is coming from the company that tried to claim that their games aren’t political. And just last month we were discussing their pro-life dog preorder bonus in Far Cry (sigh).


Between this and the teaser trailer for BlOps Cold War, there’s a real ‘appeal to the fascists’ marketing trend this month, huh.

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It’s really got me thinking about whether or not video games are just a right wing medium

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This is fucking gross. Like, I’m not surprised they’d stoop so low given their history, but, actually seeing it is terrifying

probably tests well in the focus groups.

what drives me up a wall is, they must have absolutely 100% known beforehand that it was “insensitive and harmful”, and now they’re playing the well-meaning but confused company that has no choice but to “censor” themselves and say they’re “listening”, to politely “stay in line” because otherwise!!! Umbra, I mean antifa or blm or something, will hack their computers to make them look like assholes or something? they must know they are doing this. honestly, you don’t need much to cater to a reactionary audience. I of course know nothing about what’s really happening but it reeeeeeally feels like a very deliberate political move, not some cashgrab because fash is cool with the kids now. I don’t know sorry I’m upset


This is some of the most propagandistic things I’ve seen in a long time. I’m honestly baffled. I would say I can’t believe it, but I can. A lot of video games, specifically Tom Clancy games, have always had these reactionary undertones. But this is full-on, mask-off, reactionary conspiracy theory territory.

Normally, this would just be infuriating. Right now? In the current political moment? It’s truly repulsive. I’m disgusted.


This feels intentional. Like, we know that “pwn the libs” sells among the right-wing crowd, and we also know that there are a lot of gamers, at least in their target market of 18-30 white boys, who will take “oh, they apologised and they’re ‘listening’” at face value. This whole thing smells like Ubi figured out how to have their cake and eat it by deliberately including something they knew would generate an online shitstorm. It’s also going to be easy to purge the specific BLM fist image from the game to pretend like they’re doing something while leaving the heinous “protestors are useful idiots for an evil terrorist/criminal organization” implications completely intact.