Tonight We Riot - produced and published by worker co-ops

If you’re unfamiliar, Means TV is a worker-owned streaming service that launched last year in an effort to provide a leftist alternative to Netflix and the other major streaming services, started by the people who produced AOC’s campaign ads. They carry a lot of documentaries, as well as a weekly news show, a gaming show, and the Street Fight Radio podcast.

Anyway, they recently announced a videogame publishing effort called Means Interactive and their first game is called Tonight We Riot, a brawler where you take down capitalism via rioting.

The game looks fun, much more enticing than documentaries about the bad things happening in the world. Has anyone played it? What were your thoughts? Also any recommendations for what to watch on Means TV would be appreciated!


I’m not generally into brawlers, but this looks pretty sweet.

really looking forward to this one!

This is unapologetic propaganda, and it’s glorious :grin:. It legitimately looks like a fun game.