Toonami Turns 25

Sorry for making you rapidly age but it’s been 25 years since Toonami launched and introduced a lot of people to anime but here we are.

To me the thing that will always be the most nostalgic about Toonami isn’t the shows but the ads. They did ads in a way that made you excited to watch a show you knew nothing about but they also did it in a way that I feel a lot of current shows/movies fail at in that they very rarely gave away much of the plot. They could also just get away with putting out AMV’s as ads that told you absolutely nothing about a show or even told you the names of the shows the clips were taken from but it didn’t matter because it just made you excited for Toonami. Also they turned T.O.M. and Sara who are just there to introduce shows into long standing characters with arcs that are still ongoing and that is just wild to think about.

I still about once every other month just put on this hour long compilation of various promos/intros for background noise

So what’s everyone’s history with Toonami and what was your favorite show/ad?


“A boy has the right to dream…” Nothing but banger after banger show in this montage too. Outlaw Star needs more love.


It sounds silly but Toonami likely had a pretty massive impact on American culture. Not just by making Anime far more widely accessible than before but also by making it cool.


DBZ and rurouni kenshin were my bread n butter. also theres this site that has a constantly running stream of toonami programs


The nostalgia :star_struck:

Toonmai definitely introduced me to anime, years before I came to know what the heck anime even was.

I have fond memories coming home after school eager to find out what happened on the latest episode of Sailor Moon or Yu Yu Hakusho, and staying up waaaaaaaaay too late on weekends to watch the more maturely rated stuff.

Some favorites off the top of my head, Teen Titans, Naruto, IGPX, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Samurai Jack…so many more but I’ll stop there lol.


I’ll add in the love and nostalgia for Toonami. I literally got goosebumps and felt the same glee and excitement I did as a kid when watching those old ads. I definitely spent hours upon hours on Toonami Aftermath back in college too.

Probably my most memorable Toonami related moment was going over to my friend’s house (across town so my parents had to drive me over) after school to watch the episode where Goku finally goes Super Saiyan. WE LOST OUR SHIT!!! It’s silly now thinking of a group of 3 preteen boys screaming from it, but anyone that was that age at the time probably understands and did the same.

I’m not super into anime now, but Toonami definitely opened the door for me. I remember so many shows fondly, staying up to watch music videos, and just so many fun childhood feelings associated with it. Outlaw Star is probably my favorite (though I haven’t ever gone back to rewatch it), but pretty much any show that was on Toonami I enjoyed to some degree. Also shout-out to Megas XLR for being a pretty underappreciated and funny show. I still think of jokes and laugh from time to time from that.


I was still a little young for like, prime Toonami but great googly moogly if the name “Toonami” doesn’t immediately conjure the voice of Peter Cullen dramatically reading the names of anime shows in my head

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My abiding memory of Toonami as a child was watching Dragonball Z on Cartoon Network up until the Cell Saga then being unable to watch any more of it as it moved to Toonami and I didn’t have that.

I’m still mad 20 years later!

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I loved the music they licensed for the ad bumps, lots of lo fi hip hop classics in there.

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