Tooth and Tail: Simplified and Competitive RTS


Whenever I see footage of Tooth and Tail, I get super excited. It’s stunning to look at, and seems a great way to get into RTSes with its controller-centric design.

I loved Monaco, so I’m extremely excited to see how Andy Schatz and his team approach the RTS genre. The most complicated RTS I’ve ever gotten into before is COH 2, so it was a relief that I got really into watching the micro tournaments that the devs host on youtube:

If anyone is going to play it, we could look at organizing mini Waypoint tournaments or something :slight_smile:

Also the key art is wonderful <3


I’m interested for sure but I hope this isn’t going to be another in a long line of media in the genre of “We’re using animals as a metaphor for people in a way that comes off as racist in it’s own way if you poke at it too hard!” ala Blacksad, Zootopia, and a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t recall off the top of my head.

The art is damn good though!


I totally agree that there’s a risk of that happening :confused: We’ll have to wait and see when it comes to the plot + depiction in a few days. I suspect that since in Tooth and Tail, all the animals are carnivorous due to societal changes, that the race/class elements are going to be muddier than expected, for better or worse!


This thread has peaked everyone pack it in!


Sorry couldn’t help myself


Agreed! Good job everyone!


So the game description implies everyone is a carnivore now, but the source of income in-game is through farms! I can’t abide by this.

Just kidding the game looks interesting though as a StarCraft player I think it would be real hard to try to adjust to a controller-oriented RTS. I played some StarCraft 64 though so maybe I’m more ready than I think.


ooh this looks cute. procgen maps for competitive multiplayer seems like an interesting idea, and i guess with shorter round times (says like 5-12 minutes on the game site?) you could have multiple rounds in one game to minimize randomness in the score. and i dig the premise! after Armello i iwant more games about critter war.