Top 5 Video Games You're Excited For And Why


Wolfenstein II, Mario Odyssey, Absolver, Ruiner and the Metroid remake are at the top of my list.

I’m really glad I dropped in here though. I had no idea they were making a Mount & Blade II. I loved Warband.


1. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus
The first one had such amazingly bizarre and oddly deep story, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. And the story about Nazis in the US is becoming so frightingly connected to RL now; the game could become such an icon of our zeitgeist.

2. Assassin’s Creed Origins
Because I’m a fan. And because for the first time it looks like the REALLY made it better this time. And I love anything in a historic setting we haven’t seen much of yet.

3. Metro Exodus
Part of family is Russian so these games have a special meaning to me. The writing and voice acting (in Russian) capture the mentality and life of Eastern Europe so well.

4. Last of Us: Part 2
Still one of my favourites from the previous game generation. More than anything I loved the road movie feel of the first. Changing seasons, travel, developing relationship. I hope to see that concept return.

5. Battlefront II and Visceral’s Star Wars game
Very excited about the single player of Battlefront. I really hope it’s not going to be too short. And also high hopes for Visceral’s game; I always thought Star Wars has a huge potential in the action/adventure genre.


Not really excited about any big games that are announced at the moment and while I really enjoy playing story heavy indie games I don’t really have a good grip on what’s coming out on that side of things either.

Here are two unannounced games that I’m very excited for.

1. Warcraft III: Remastered
After the Starcraft remaster I feel like this has to be a thing. One of the first pc games I ever played, I don’t get nostalgic about much but this is one of my favourite games of all time.

2. The next game directed by Miyazaki
Dark Souls is my favourite single player game and I can’t wait for From Software’s new ip.


Danganronpa V3
PUBG will NOT be the best Battle Royale-based game of 2017.

Cyberpunk 2077
Literally beat Witcher 3 like 3 hours ago, and Ciri was totally referring to the Cyberpunk world like 100%

Knuckle Sandwich
If this game comes out it’ll probably be the next Undertale. Possibly better. Check it out.

Yakuza Kiwami
Ahhh. My first Yakuza game. Thank god it’ll be cheap.

Cities: Skylines (PS4)
It’s already out, but I haven’t bought it.

EDIT: Freakin Shenmue 3, guys!


omg Knuckle Sandwich looks awesome! The more weird turn-based RPG’s out in the world the better


@gio never heard of Knuckle Sandwich before now but it’s now on my list.

Knuckle Sandwich: Like, duh.

PUBG’s new map: I know this is cheating but gawrsh do I want it.

Metro Exodus: If pubg is my multiplayer STALKER, then this will be the single player campaign.

Wolf 2: Like, duh.

Super Mario Odyssey: I know it’s sacrosanct to say, but I’ve never found a Mario game I like. But this. This looks like absolute madness.


I’m gonna need to know more about this Wolf 2???


I believe they’re talking about the Wolf Among Us Season 2, which I was excited about until I finished the Walking Dead Season 3…



Yeah I’ve COMPLETELY fallen off Telltale stuff. IDK what happens at the end of WDS3, but I watched the Super Best Friends playing through some of it and it seems like the choice stuff has gotten kinda bad.

I would be more excited for Wolf 2 if it wasn’t coming out so long after playing that. I think the rush to know what happens with the story might be gone for me, but I know I was feeling it in the last scene.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has been seeming scarily prescient since E3, and the first game was great in all the ways that make me think/hope/pray that this one might have a real, powerful narrative voice. They really could not have picked a better time to make a game about killing Nazis in America.

Super Mario Odyssey just looks so… weird, in the best possible way. It’s going to live and die by level design, but if Nintendo can strike a balance between the wacky possession mechanic and the feel of 3D Mario platforming it could be one of their best ever.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon are actual sequels to a pair of main series Pokemon games that had real, interesting characters and actual good writing and a really engrossing region and overall just made the series that first introduced me to games feel fresh and fun and exciting again. I have high hopes.

I’m going to stop at three though because I still have to play Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn and I already have three games from this year (in BOTW, Prey, and Hollow Knight) that would have been hands-down games of the year in any other year. 2017’s been pretty terrible for everything else but it’s been downright amazing for video games.


Aight, let’s have a crack at this.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
The first game is one of my favourite RPGs ever owing to it’s spectacular presentation and brilliant voice acting. X IS my favourite pure RPG ever for it’s top rate Sci-Fi and fantastic sense of place, coupled with brilliant slow-burn RPG systems. And both have skilled soundtracks. Everything about 2 seems absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait.

Code Vein
Nowhere near enough excitement going around for this to be honest. The God Eater games are underrated as Hell and I am STOKED for their take on what sounds like Nioh’s formula with partner mechanics. Based on what I’ve read, it sounds like each mission is like some sort of extremely violent date with a side character, which sound BELTING and really plays to that team’s strengths. Plus I am down as fuck with that aesthetic.

Dark Souls 3 On Switch
If I have to force this into existence through sheer force of Will I will do it. Gimmie gimmie GIMMIE.

Fire Emblem Warriors
I really want a Fire Emblem game I can just actually enjoy wholeheartedly for once. If it’s gonna be any game it’ll be the musou one. Please put Setsuna in it because she is my wife and I love her.

Can’t think of a last one off the top of my head but I’m damn sure there’s one I’ve forgotten that isn’t super obvious like Mario.


Wolfenstein : The New Colossus - The game that everyone is rightly excited for. Literally everything we’ve seen so far about it looks fantastic.

Psychonauts 2 - This game is going to be cool and fun good and no one can tell me otherwi- no, no shu- Shush! Stop! It’s gonna be good!! IT’S GONNA BE GOOD.

XCOM 2: War of the chosen - Hell yeah, let’s get that nemesis system all up in that XCOM I am READY. Also the photo booth is objectively the best feature in the game.

Whatever it is ‘Ghost Story Games’ are working on - look, you gotta indulge me here for a moment. I practically grew up with Irrational’s various IP’s. Freedom Force 2, SWAT 4 and B:I all mark important moments in my life. Bioshock may be my favorite game ever, and it basically(Along with Portal) was the game that made me think of games as more than a hobby and look into how game making even happens. Ghost Story has most of the original Irrational team, and I NEED TO KNOW what their next project is. Even if it sucks, at least it will allow me to turn the page on an important part of my interest in games.

System Shock 3/1 Remake - I just really like system shock a whole bunch and I have a severe thirst for existential Sci-fi that neither Prey and Tacoma could quite quench. Also see above.

I’ll be completely honest here, I usually don’t look forward to any game because I largely prefer self contained experiences, so most of these are less ‘looking forward to’ and more ‘dreading their potential badness’ but here’s hoping😬


Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door I can’t believe they announced the rerelease on Switch, coming this holiday season!

falls back into a deep slumber filled with good dreams


Wait did they really? I haven’t seen any announcements but I’ve always wanted to play it.


I’m so sorry… that was a joke. The dream thing was meant to, but obviously didn’t, convey that.

Still, you absolutely should play it. I’ve come incredibly close to buying a refurbished gamecube just to play it again. A top 5 game ever for me.


Kentucky Route Zero Act 5: Absolutely desperate to get more of KR0 at pretty much any cost (also I just wrote a blog post on it shhhhhhh)
The Granblue Fantasy Platinum Game: A platinum combat party-based adventurey RPG sounds like heaven to me so I hope its both good and we get it
Death Stranding: Because whatever else Kojima is he is incredibly good at giving me tons of imagery to gobble up and wallow in and the trailers already gave me enough of that
Wolfenstein: The original had some serious issues with implying some weird shit with its story concepts but I liked the commitment to having the resistance be made up of the kinds of people that would actually suffer in this world and also how it depicts the variant timeline’s culture as being essentially the same as ours but more openly brutal as if to say western culture was always ripe for this (a particular favourite bit being the newspaper clipping having the Nazis justify the bombing of America in the same way as America talks about Japan), also shooting Nazis is just always good obviously
Indivisible: It just looks super nice and I’m really craving that kind of semi-action-RPG-platformer deal


A few switch ports can’t come soon enough, Hollow Knight and Starview Valley off the top of my head. Don’t own a PC right now, plus a portable version is always nice.

Love the yakuza games, Yakuza Kiwami comes out soon, just saw the that super classy Yakuza 6 special edition with the whiskey glasses.

Handful of 3ds games on the horizon i’m looking forward to, Etrian Odyssey 5, Monster Hunter Stories, and the Strange Journey remake all look good.


Totally forgot about the Granblue game and Indivisible! Really looking forward to those too.

Granblue will be really interesting, Platinum made a really great ARPG in Automata so hopefully Granblue will be the next step forward for them. Granblue itself has such a large variety of characters, weapons, elemental magic, and skills so really excited to see what Platinum can do with all that.



Haha nah I should have realized that was too good to be true. I do have a Wii at home so I should be able to play it, but it’ll have to wait a while since I’m about to go back to school. Maybe this winter.


There’s me fifth one I forgot. Lab Zero are aces and every one of the characters I’ve seen looks incredible. Am a big fan of Ya Girl Yan.