Top Video Games List Generator

A while back Polygon did their ‘500 best games of all time feature’, and it was neat idea. It was also written weirdly in the sense that the grammar and tenses kept changing from one write-up to the next, and that some sentences by themselves looked as if they could fit into any description about any game.

I thought to myself: why not make a proc-gen version of that article? So I did. It is simplistic but fun. You can find it here:

It is really simple and will repeat a lot of descriptors, but it also produces some gorgeous gems of made-up game ideas. Two examples:

  1. A game I most definitely want to actually exist:


  1. A classic from another dimension where, I assume, Sean P.Diddy Combs got heavily invested in the entrepreneurial potential of both pizza and video games:


The generator is seeded, so the same user name will always produce the same game names. Until I add more options for the generator, at any rate.

A quick warning: it is not optimized for speed, so if you want to generate a list of a 1000 games, be prepared to wait.


Don’t know if I can trust a script that’s going to rank TOM WILDLANDS (2014, Android, iOS) higher than GUNSTAR HUMAN (1990, Genesis, Neo Geo). :smiley:


This may be the best July 5th gift I have personally been ever given as I attempt to look productive at my desk and not fall asleep. ARMORED%20HILL

Like, come on!

    (1989, Game Boy)

The developers showed that they could make one of the best endings the game industry has ever seen. It’s gorgeous visuals and sound design quickly garnered the game a massive fandom. BattleTech Road Conquest may very well be the magnum opus of ultra-difficult metroidvania games.

I’m writing an angry letter to the editor right now because this is clearly the best game ever made.



I need it.

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a metroidvania battletech game sounds like it could be so much fun…

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I know! It would be so good.

when i first created the title generator, I think I spent about 5 hours just sitting on a couch and loading up more and more names… no regrets.


Isn’t Ball Owlboy the band that did Sugar We’re Goin’ Down?


this generator very very good


stardew valley but in konoha village… i want this.

  1. MLB FEZ
    (1989, Game Boy)

This game is a journey through a Tokyo whose sun is setting, a place of tragic beauty painted in dream-like brush strokes of magical realism. Equal parts John Huston and John Woo, it tells a story of addiction and love, all tied together into a game. MLB Fez was a standout of weird Game Boy releases.

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I would do anything for Prey, but I won’t do that.


Excited for the companion game Eat: Become: Love tho



OK, This rules.


As usual Sega points the way:

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I actually had to google to make sure this title isn’t real

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This is a great idea, I kinda thought about how you could probably easily randomize top lists and put them out and call it the top 100 or whatever number you wanted. Anyone making cross generational lists really should be doing it more for fun than as an actual ranking anyway.

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Missile Tower Fall Afterbirth+ Dissembler. I’m imagining some kind of Missile Command Towerfall crossover, which could actually be pretty cool.

Neverwinter Neo Nights for the Neo Geo. I like to imagine this as some kind of absurdly complicated D&D fighting game.

“Man What Absolver” is how I feel anytime someone mentions that game.

Also, I really like how you make sure that games with “Super”, “64”, and “U” are always SNES, N64, and WiiU games. It’s fun imagining what modern games would look like if they had weird N64 versions.

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i like that neverwinter neo nights (which i imagine is actually d&d set in akira’s neo tokyo) is both a Neo Geo game, and one of Steam’s most popular games. What a world that would be.

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I don’t know what to say



I very much like the idea of an inner city baseball game with a strong narrative and just some BioShock style abilities thrown in.