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Also, the horrible team names for the various baseball teams located in Rapture would be just amazing. I want a full league of team names and logos for baseball teams in the world that is Bioshock.


Some highlights I got:

And of course, the game thats actually coming out:


i should probably change the generator to exclude generated names that are also real games. but also I really like the idea of an iOS Xenonauts 2


I like to imagine that duplicate names are just reboots in the style of Sonic The Hedgehog, Prince Of Persia, Doom, etc.


thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    (1995, Jaguar, Saturn)

Hellgate: Peggle Mario London was a “metagame-within-a-game… [where] anything could and probably would happen,” according to Waypoint. Hellgate: Peggle Mario London’s revolutionary active playstyle has helped the series stand the test of time. It expertly rode the line between simulation and arcade experience, making it possible for players of all skill levels to jump in, play, and find something to love.

This is too much power. I remember when the Waypoint crew sat down with such a classic… good times.



i don’t really know why I never thought about a park manager set in the poké-verse before, but the thought of running a Safari or a Gym while other people try to come battle there sounds really appealing.

    (2013, Mac, PC)

The first thing that strikes you about Mike Fighters Independent Club is its vibrant retro art style. A thrilling ending that dares the player to put their money where their mouth is ensures Mike Fighters Independent Club holds strong and stable even as it constantly darts forward to its next big thought. Mike Fighters Independent Club’s appeal lies in randomized 10-minute stories about people coping with impending doom, ones that are meant to be generated again and again and shared with a few equally doomed friends.


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