'Totally Accurate Battle Simulator' Captures the Goofy Mayhem of Mass Violence

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a silly game. It’s purposefully whimsical, everything about it is built to support its farcical premise of AI fighters stumbling toward each other on various battlefields, swinging weaponry around with the physical comedy that accompanies physics-based animations. Knights wobble and fall over under the weight of their swords, mammoths trample crowds then clumsily topple to their sides as axe-throwers throw axes in hopefully the direction of their targets. It’s mayhem, and it’s undeniably goofy.

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I really want to jump into this but I know I wont have the fun I picture because I have nobody to play with. This seems like a game that would be hilarious to have a few mates around and just mess about with the sandbox and challenges, but I just dont get the chance anymore to arrange stuff like that.

I look forward to watching if Giant Bomb touch the game again when it updates, but I think i’m happy to experience this game from the sidelines

The article is great, but one of the details could use a minor correction. I’m not connected to the devs in any way, so I may have some of these details wrong.

“The game follows developer Landfall Studios’ Totally Accurate Battlegrounds , and the titles’ similarities are purposeful[…]”

TABS predates TABG, not the other way around. TABS had already been in production for some amount of time before PUBG and Fortnite blew up. TABG was released as an April Fools Day joke, presumably implying that TABS was getting sidetracked just like Fortnite: Save The World did. And it got enough attention and positive response that that’s what happened. They took some extra time to further develop and refine their joke game into something more substantial.

The reason I’m sure about the order of these games is because when TABG came out, I had already played a semi-closed alpha of TABS and loved it, and was really concerned that it would get canned. Thankfully, they did eventually return their focus to development of TABS.