Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has gone to Early Access

What is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator? Well, it’s a battle simulator. A very accurate one. You can set units against each other to see which is best. There’s a sandbox mode, and then what’s basically a puzzle mode where you try to defeat an enemy force with what you can buy for a set number of points.

Pls to see the following for more information, courtesy of the developers:


attention Rob Zacny, the Strategy Game Of The Future has arrived


God I would pay so much to watch Rob play this game

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It’s such a supremely goofy little thing.

With dispassionate commentary, comparing the gameplay to the battles, generals and tactics of history.

Sounds like a game to worth keeping TABS on.


That clip with the boat gives me a deep, profound joy.

In the current version of the game the crew of the boat will remain in the boat, protected by it, and stab at nearby enemies, even after making landfall. It’s a powerful weapon and it really helps you understand how the Vikings developed their legendary reputation for fighting prowess.


And to think some people say history is boring.

I am loving the game so far, the campaign has been fun and surprisingly challenging

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Looks like the devs are working on implementing taking FPS control of any unit. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds was awesome, so I’m super excited for this!

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Yep, that’s me…

The guy under the pile of bodies who managed, over the course of five or ten minutes, to whack the other guys in the shins until my team won the battle.

While performance on my aging MacBook leaves a lot to be desired, this is still pretty fun.

Edit: I adjusted graphical settings way down, it still looks great and plays really well. Mammoths are a hoot.

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I really, really like the “Caveman Bob Ross Pushing A Wheelbarrow With Some Buds” unit.

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They’re just such happy zoomers, aren’t they?

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