Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is Totally Accurate


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds was originally made as an April Fools’ parody of the Battle Royal genre and the game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Jump onto an island from flying trucks, find a gun and survive and look silly while doing it, find and eliminate all your opponents to win the round!

The game is free for the first 100 hours so definitely worth picking up even though the servers are being hammered right now. There’s a single player shooting range that you can play in that lets you get a taste of just why this game is actually a pretty good.

I’ve had a lot of fun just messing around in the shooting range and I’m looking forward to the servers stabilizing hopefully later tonight. Anyone here happen to get in a match yet?


i am extreeeemely into this. physics based bullshit is my jam


Maybe there is a Battlegrounds game my system can actually run after all.


For me this runs worse than both PUBG and Fortnite :frowning:

My setup has a huge CPU bottleneck however, so if you have a weak graphics card and decent CPU this game may run better than PUBG and Fortnite for you?


Got into a couple matches with friends and it’s a lot of fun! It’s really rough but I hope they stick with it a bit because what is there is actually interesting.

In particular I really like their version of the blue. Instead of taking damage once you are outside of it there’s a bunch of walls that start to slowly come down so it turns into an Indiana Jones like race sometimes where you are just sprinting towards this wall as it starts to close in.

Also there is something to be said of just being a group of naked wizards running across the landscape beat boxing as you try to punch a person looking like Waldo to death.


I got into a round, which was a laggy mess, and then a friend and I waited about 40 minutes in queue to get into another before giving up. The shooting range is dope though!

I would like to have higher hopes for this, because I am in love with so much about it, but the developers are very up-front in the Steam description about their desire to move on from this game.

Will there be any updates to the game?

Not really, we want to focus all of our time and energy into making TABS and upkeep on our previous games.

Understandable, given that they are a small team with an existing project that predates this ‘joke’, but it’s frustrating that their gag game is so fucking rad!

I guess that’s not much of a problem, and it did what it ought to do: it put them on my radar, and now I want whatever Totally Accurate Battle Sumulator is, but ugh this GAME

also here are some pics of my health-goth character and my friend’s spirit character from the title screen in a.) a The Sixth Man pose and b.) being dragged to safety by me, the hero


Y’all I don’t want to spoil it but something magical happens in the last circle that is worth experiencing.