Touhou 16 is now a thing you can buy on steam

Anybody else excited to actually be able to pay money for one of these games?

For folks that aren’t familiar with it Touhou is a long running series full of hypnotic bullet patterns and good MIDI music. It’s my favorite bullet hell series by far, with the possible exception of Ikaruga. The games have historically been quite hard to get your hands on legally outside of Japan, so it’s nice to see a Touhou game finally make it on to steam and give me an opportunity to give the dev some money.

Unfortunately the game isn’t actually translated, but there will almost certainly be a fan patch soon if there isn’t already one and because the game is basically just gameplay it doesn’t really need a translation all that much.

The steam page has a pretty generous demo, consisting of the first 3 levels.

Here’s a boss fight from Touhou 14 to give you an idea what the game looks like in practice. This is on the 2nd highest difficulty level, so don’t get too intimidated.