Trailer for Ciconia no naku koro ni aka a new entry in When They Cry serie (Higurashi, Umineko)

Okay, I have no idea how many people on this forum care for When They Cry serie but it is the most formative piece of media I have ever came in contact with and I am so,so, soooo hyped for a next entry in the serie.

The set up seems to be semi-battle royale international tournament, in perhaps semi-scfi setting? I am super excited!

And what do you think of the trailer? What are your hopes for this entry in the endless time loops of WTC serie (if you have any)?

Personal, I hope there won’t be as much boob or fanservice related humour as in some previous entries- I know the aim is to lull the reader into expecting different story form what they will get but you can acomplish it in lots of ways. At least, if there gotta be boob humour please let it be an adult woman this time, please.


I can’t wait for 10 minutes disscusion about some obscure thought experiment/logical dilemma/what-have-you. I am fuckin ready you all.

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Yeah, When They Cry fans on Waypoint!

I’m extremely intrigued by this new entry!
Given the implied Battle Royale, it looks like it might be slightly similar to Rose Guns Days? So I don’t expect as much logic battles and metafiction as in Umineko, nor any horror, but I’m hyped anyway!
Loving the character designs of everyone! It’s still a very lovely and cute style, I hope 07th Expansion works always retain it. <3

The one aspect I’m slightly reserved about is the race- and nationality-coding of each “team”. It’s just that there’s a lot of potential for the worst if the story attempts to include so many cultures at once.
But this is pure speculation! I’m thinking of this all only because people on twitter looked a lot into the character designs and team names, and some were suggesting that these might be national teams —which might be great, but requires a lot of care.
(It seems the setting is more of a giant corrupt cyberpunk city though, which changes things a bit!)

Regardless, I pretty much trust Ryukishi07 to portray very beautiful characters with my life!
Typically, Rose Guns Days had the weirdest possible premise but it ended up being really, really good and saying very true things about war, nationalism and resentment.

(Also the potential protagonist looks a lot like Ange from Umineko, and I love them already!)

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Yeah, it’s suuuuper easy to screw up a cast composed of people from all over the globe. I know a vast majority of them will be great characters but unfortunately a great character does not equal not xenophobic/racist portrays >:

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…that doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Very rocky but interesting series, hopefully this one will be less gross than Higurashi was. Wondering if there’s an interesting twist to this VERY overdone set-up here, they’re usually pretty good at that sort of thing.