Trans (and generally queer) twitch/youtube recs?

Anyone have any recommendations for trans/queer people to follow on twitch or youtube. I’m interested in let’s plays or just content made about videogames/games in general (though no fortnite please).

If there is already a thread about this, I’d appreciate it if someone could point me to it.


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There’s a general recommendation thread for Twitch and let’s play recommendations, with plenty of cool folks to watch.

Game & Love is a fairly recent web ring of queer creators playing, writing about, and making games. (Yes, a web ring in 2018.) They have a Twitch team if you want to see who’s live.

I discovered Game & Love via the Retro Pals, my favorite channel on Twitch. Danny & Alex are a gay couple (Alex is trans) who play weird old games every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday afternoons are usually Sega CD games, Wednesday evenings are the main stream with a different theme each week, and Friday evenings they play 3 mascot platformers and rank them on a big list. It’s just a fun, positive time with a cool chat. (I should note that Waypoint’s rule 6 on explicit jokes is broken frequently, especially on Fridays.)

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On top of the existing threads already mentioned, shoutout to Queer Women Game where you will find plenty of folks to follow.

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Adam Koebel!

He works for Roll20, so the majority of his content is Actual RPG Plays, which I wish I had more time for, but he also has a general gaming youtube channel. He does a lot of tutorials for the Roll20 platform, as well as explanation videos for a number of game systems.

I have him subbed, but I find myself too busy to sit down and watch his Actual Plays. I wish they were in podcast form…

None of these folks stream all the time, but they all do great work elsewhere and are very fun streamers.

Heather Alexandra from Kotaku has a Twitch where she streams games, and also does a lot of stuff on Kotaku’s YouTube.

Aevee Bee, who’s a games critic and founded Zeal, does some great streams with her friend Fern. Their Nier: Automata stream was awesome.

Erica aka Aurahack does some streaming. I’m not sure if this is her only channel, because I’ve seen her stream stuff thst doesn’t have VoDs on here.

All these folks are trans women (Fern, who streams with Aevee is cis).

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It’s a shame Samantha Kalman doesn’t do streams anymore (understandable as she now works on Astroneer). Her YouTube archive is worth checking out though. Some great dev and gameplay streams.

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