Treize Kushrinada is the actual hero of Gundam Wing


I hate almost every other character in that show. Discuss who the real hero of Gundam Wing is. Bonus points if you hate Heero Yui.


Most of Gundam: Actually, the insurgents and terrorists are good.
Gundam Wing: As a counterpoint, here’s Heero Yuy, who is terrible.


Gundam Wing felt like a psychological test to see how long we could go before we realized Heero was a massive tool.


Is this a #TeamIbex thread?


Noin is the best character in Gundam Wing don’t @ me


You kinda realize he’s a tool from ep 2. “Just at school, oh hey pop girl wants to invite me to a party? Well time to threaten her life”. Still like the show but dude come on, straighten yourself out if your undercover or whatever your doing at that school.


They are the best/worst boy band, though.