‘Trials of Fire’ Does Small Scale Tactics Right

It can be a difficult balancing act when game devs blend genres. Understanding which parts of different formats work well together is difficult enough, you also have to consider how much of each genre to focus on. Trials of Fire takes this challenge on with two genres that on their own can be incredibly complex, and together could easily become overwhelming and messy. Luckily, developer Whatboy Games found that balance by keeping both the deck size and map scale of their deckbuilding-tactical combat relatively small.

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trying to get this running on linux right now, as frustrating as ever

Ok got it working finally and holy shit this game rules. I stayed up until 4 am playing, just trying to beat the beginner quest. Every bit of praise for this game is totally correct. It’s a great story generator and the tactics are clean, complex, and very easy to see how you fucked up right after you fuck up.