Trippy ‘Manifold Garden’ Will Break Your Brain in the Most Satisfying Way

Nothing gets me to look at a walkthrough in a game faster than a puzzle. While I’ll happily throw myself at the same set of ridiculous jumps in a hard Mario level for days, if I’m not feeling a sense of progression in a puzzle, frustration sets in quickly.

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One. Oh my god I’m so glad it’s good, I’ve been waiting for it for ages.

Two. What is with games going with no release date for months or years and then Beyonce dropping overnight with no/little warning??? Stop that.

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If anyone like me couldn’t get out of the first room check the control settings for a mechanic that might not have a tutorial prompt.


holy crap thank you I felt so profoundly stupid.

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I’m like two hours in, I’d guess about halfway through, maybe. Even on Apple Arcade with pretty bad controls and bad graphics, this could be a Top 5 for me on the year.

It’s rapidly devouring my Sunday and I cannot put it down.

EDIT: It ate my Sunday and I ate it. Amazingly game. Kinda weak finale since the game stops introducing new ideas after about halfway, but still, awesome.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot, but I’m definitely finding it a bit less compelling than Antichamber, which I looooooved. I think the thing that’s tripping me up the most is that I sometimes can’t tell if I’m in an “endlessly repeating” space or a space that just looks that way for a few cycles but has an endpoint. I’ve definitely turned around one floor away from the exit because I thought there must be a trick to it, haha