Trouble getting into it?

What are some games/shows/movies/albums etc. that no matter how many times you try to watch or play or listen to them you just can’t get into it?

Personally I… Don’t… “Get” Animal Crossing. On paper it looks like a really fun, sweet casual gaming experience, but no matter what iteration I play there’s just something about them that stops me from really enjoying my experience, which really sucks.

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Game of Thrones.

When the show came out, I watched the first 2 episodes and was like meh, this seems like a pretty generic fantasy thing. I’ve played and read this 100 times. Not interested.

After it became a phenomenon I went back and tried to watch it again and still wasn’t feeling it.

Then I tried to read the first book and got about 1/3 through before losing interest and putting it down.

Years later, I tried reading the book AGAIN and still couldn’t get through it.

I did my best. It’s just not for me!

I can’t get into the new Wolfenstein games. I want to like them, I really do. The stories are great, and I want to feel like a powerful nazi-killing machine. Something about the gameplay just doesn’t click with me. I’m generally averse to fps games, but this is one that I want to click. After listening to the WP crew talk about trying the new Wolfenstein I thought about trying it out again, but I know I won’t like it. So while I like Wolfenstein, I don’t like playing Wolfenstein. I might try Doom since it’s so cheap on PS4, and generally seems like better gameplay.

Also, and I’m not saying this as a hot take, but I don’t like Damn. by Kendrick Lamar. I just don’t like it. I’ve read about it, listened to it again and again, tried to see what people like about it, but nothing about that album is good for me. To Pimp A Butterfly still has moments that give me goosebumps, and the album as a whole is so cohesive and I love it. Damn just wan’t that for me. I’m glad people like Damn, and I’m not saying it’s bad, but I just can’t get into it. T

I have many of these that kind of discourage me.

Stardew Valley, for one. I want to love it. I want a lovely chill little sweet experience. Instead, I always feel kind of stressed, and lost, not knowing how to do things or how to make things beyond the basics.

Another big set of things I’ve had trouble getting into are the various Arkane games like Prey and Dishonored. No matter how many times I try, I always feel disengaged by them and abandon them after 2-3 hours. It makes me frustrated because there’s so much about them that seems cool and interesting. I’m not sure specifically why, especially in Dishonored’s case. Prey is partly maybe the combat? No matter what I keep getting just totally wrecked at some point.

EDIT: and inspired by the next post, I too have not been able to get into The Outer Wilds. It seems very cool and interesting and as a piece of sci-fi I’m totally into it. I just…haven’t clicked with playing it at all.


I am actually having this right now with Outer Wilds. The game should be right up my alley, it’s an open world space puzzle game, but I find myself extremely frustrated with the ship and character controls. I played for 30 minutes a few days ago and quit after repeatedly struggling to land the ship and navigate the environments. This has happened to me before where a game sounds up my alley but the moment to moment gameplay wasn’t at all fun for me.

As you can probably assume, I’m a big Waypoint and Austin Walker fan. But I think I’ve come to realize that “Austin Walker games” in general aren’t for me. Invisible Inc? The stealth never felt fun and the opening message about how I’m likely to fail just put me off. Dragon’s Dogma? Neat ideas but I want to care about the world in RPGs and I could not give a crap about these lifeless NPCs. Souls? Life’s hard enough, I don’t need my free time to kick my ass.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely value Austin’s analysis and advocacy to make gaming a better place. I could listen to the guy read the phone book, but boy are our tastes worlds apart.


I keep trying to get into real time strategy stuff, sort of as a persistent sense of obligation after I impulse bought Universe at War Earth Assault when I was real young and really wanted to get on with it because of how cool it was. In the end the only one that’s managed to “get” me was Planetary Annihilation, and I kind of exhausted what that game offered after I did all the Big Things you can do. Time well spent, mind.

My venture into the fields of strategy games did lead me to the Endless games though, which I love to bits, so I owe Universe at War that much, in a sense. I’m just better with the more ponderous pace of a 4x, as it turns out.

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For Wolfenstein and DOOM I would say drop difficulty to the easiest setting and just have fun causing carnage.

You’re there for the story and killing demons and Nazis, neither of them deserve a handicap.


I absolutely feel this in a kind of general sense. Ever since I discovered the broader group of gaming writers that are good and smart and not gross, I’ve followed them and loved having Gaming Discourse in my feed that is, you know, thoughtful and progressive. It’s also made me buy a lot of things I probably wouldn’t have, but I’m also having to learn better where my tastes really fall in terms of gameplay and what I enjoy in a game, because quite often I’m finding not a lot of overlap between something new that’s really burning up the discourse and the things I actually enjoy playing and not just thinking about or appreciating.

And that’s cool! I like having a diversity of views and interests to read. And I like being pushed to better understand my own interests and find opportunities for when I might be able to step outside of them! I’m just having to sort it out more actively, because I definitely can’t keep spending money when I hear a bunch of good smart writers enthuse over something that in the end turns out to be something I just can’t get into.


I don’t think I get shlooters. Tried Diablo and Warframe (the best examples on the Switch?) and I just was… bored? It was odd because I really like collecting and crafting and the awful drop rates and hook of Monster Hunter but something about Diablo in particular just didn’t sit well with me.

prey was one for me as well until i used prior knowledge from that first attempted playthrough and looked up some other things, mainly the neuromod blueprint’s location, to go full psi as early as possible. i think it’s just gunplay doesn’t do anything for me anymore?

i definitely bought and ~2h later refunded sekiro in spite of my complete disinterest because waypoint had nothing but good things to say about it. i don’t feel bad i couldn’t get into it, but i’m kind of still really frustrated because it feels like everybody is excited about it but me. like i was missing out because i couldn’t see what was good about it. every new pod where staff gushed over their most recent time with it, their excitement was infectious, but in the back of my mind… “why don’t i care though?”


Is there a God mode for Doom 2016? Even on Easy, I found it much harder than I really need it to be to “have fun causing carnage” (and bounced off it after a lot of frustrating attempts at getting any kind of “flow” going in the second level).

But, keeping to the point of this thread: I don’t think I get “modern” shooters anyway. Every one of them I’ve tried, I bounced off of.

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More things I don’t get: almost all Metroidvania-style platformers. I’m sort of concerned about trying Bloodstained now it’s out - since I backed it in some wild fit of enthusiasm - since after the fact I remembered that I tend to play every one I’ve tried (admittedly, only three) for about an hour, tops, and then discover a bunch of bits that need actual ability to do something vaguely non-trivial in the platforming (or actually difficult to beat enemies) and sort of plateau out.

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The problem for me with Wolfenstein wasn’t the difficulty, but the pacing of the game. The level designs in 2 didn’t feel important, the setting of America really was just for story, not gameplay. I also hated the hub area, which was large and confusing for no reason.

This is me, but with Patrick.


I think Barry is a great show with really funny moments and a goddamned awesome finale to Season 1. But maybe as an aimless 28 year old wanna-be myself who is feeling increasingly like a failure, it’s just too real for me. Watching Sally try so hard to succeed in a creative industry and fail every time is truly painful and I can’t watch it.

I think I can’t do Season 2, sorry.

I’m with you on Stardew, I can understand why all my friends find it a relaxing experience, but it just stresses me out! My brain gets mad at me that I’m not playing it optimally, even when I’m explicitly trying to just RELAX.

My big thing I can’t get is the Necrodancer games. I like rhythm games just fine. They aren’t my go to genre but I’ve had some fun with them in the past, but Necrodancer just does not do it for me at all. It just feels monotonous moving on beat constantly and I don’t really like the music.

Me but with Rob, except for AoE 2 oddly enough


Souls games. My friend has recommended these games to me since Demon Souls because they know I enjoy Monster Hunter games. I can see why you’d make the connection but I just absolutely cannot stand the Souls gameplay. For games that are all about slow precise methodical combat, it also feels really slippery and loose. It’s like someone dunked the players in grease.

But I am interested in Sekiro though. The combat does seem to be more robust and satisfying.

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I have long since accepted that platformers and fps games are not for me. I might have fun with a shooter with some friends if we’re in the same room and it’s something I’m vaguely familiar with, but mostly I’m fine with not being into those.

But I was sad when I realised I couldn’t play Warframe with my girlfriend because although I’ve heard it has other stuff going on than being a shooty game, it just moves too fast for me. I set the camera sensitivity as low as I could and I still got dizzy and couldn’t cope with it.

And while I love a good JRPG, I despise active time battle systems, and I’ve very rarely been able to have fun with a game that uses it. Same thing with real-time with pause and CRPGs, or things like Dragon Age (although I hate Dragon Age for other reasons also), the gameplay stresses me out in a way I really don’t like, and it feels both too slow and too fast at different times. I do not understand how active time battle stuff is more popular than actual turn-based stuff, especially more popular than more dynamic and interesting turn-based systems like, for example, the Atelier series (or at least the entries I’ve played).


For a long time for me it was Yakuza. I had a friend who loved them on PS2 and kept trying to get me into them and they never clicked. Then I played a demo for…I think it was 5? And thought it was cool and so a friend let me borrow 3 from him (being the furthest back I could go on PS3) and again it just did not click with me.

Then Zero came out and I fucking loved every moment of that game. It’s still probably my favourite Yakuza game but on top of being an amazing game it also got me over that hurdle and into the series. After it I played Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 6 and I’ve got Judgment preordered. So I’m well and truly on board now.

All game series need a Yakuza Zero.

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