Trying to find a song that's on a lot of the Savepoint YouTube videos

Hello Waypoint community :slight_smile:

I have been searching for a particular song that is on a lot of the Waypoint YouTube videos from Savepoint 2019, and I just cannot find it anywhere. Thought I would turn to the community for advice, because I have a playlist this song needs to be on!! If anyone has any clue what song this is, or where I could find more info about it, please let me know.

Some of the lyrics (as best as I can make them out) from the song:

You go out for something you’re wanting
Cause everything’s the same
You waste away everything you’ll find
You sold out for something you’re wanting
The future and the fame
You waste away everything you left behind

If there’s another way
I hope you don’t I hope you don’t go away
And I don’t wanna stay chasing shadows chasing shadows

I have been trying to track this thing down for basically a year now so again, anyone who knows anything about it, please consider helping ya boy out. :slight_smile:



The song you’re looking for is Sold Out by Raithe Laurence:

It, and a lot of the songs used for the Savepoint streams, can be found on Audio Network. Here’s the page for the song:


Oh my god, thank you so much!! I should’ve made this post a year ago :joy:

This song is also on Spotify!

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Yes, it is! Glad you mentioned that. The whole album is great, and I now have a new favorite artist.