Tune in to 'Waypoint Presents' Tonight on Disney XD


Waypoint’s is headed to your TV! Our new documentary series begins tonight with an episode on ‘Hyper Light Drifter’ and 'SuperHyperCube.'

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This is very cool!

Disney XD has really been pushing the videogame related programming over the last month or so. So far it’s been… not great, and I’m not just saying that because they’ve been replacing their world-class animated shows with this sstuff. I like some of the people involved in their other shows, and they have some moments, but they also have some ludicrously bad, tryhard-y overproduced segments.

(There’s one show in particular that has the delightful Trisha Hershburger in it. The hosts sit around a couch with pro players and Disney celebs and do various videogame challenges. At the end of one of the shows, two pro Guitar Hero players competed while the audience leapt around like they were watching the most exciting thing since the Michael Jordan vs Dominique Wilkins dunk contest. It was ridiculously awkward, and not in a funny way.)

(Also, the less said about Parker Plays, their let’s play show, the better. I understand that middle-aged men are not the target audience, but it’s insulting to the intelligence of their actual audience.)

Anyway, I’ve already got the series set on my DVR. Really excited!


I’m psyched that this exists, particularly because I loved Hyper Light Drifter. Sadly I don’t have cable so hopefully it comes to the internet at some point.


This is so cool to see. Waypoint has such a thoughtful and genuine approach to stories, and I would love to see how this show turns out.
That said, I won’t be adding to the viewer numbers unless Waypoint (or fans) distribute it online; not only is TV incredibly country specific (assuming ‘Waypoint Presents’ is a US only show) but I haven’t had a channel provider in many years, much less actually watched TV.


I waited until after 10pm EST to post this (because I want those who could watch it on TV, to do so)…

Nevertheless, as Austin noted on the announcement in the Waypoint Radio feed, a lot of this first episode features mini-docs already released. The whole point being to air them to a new wider audience on TV with additional contextual intros by Austin. The rest of the series will premier new docs. Not to diminish how awesome it is for this to reach a larger audience and for Austin to be a host of a show on TV, but if you just want to see these particular segments, you don’t need to wait for an archive (which may end being country-dependant):

  • Here’s the Hyper Light Drifter Doc on Vice and on YouTube (14th June 2016)
  • Here’s the SuperHyperCube Doc on Vice and on YouTube (16th November 2016)

Both Docs were released in the Pixel By Pixel, umbrella of videos though only the SuperHyperCube Doc under Waypoint. The Hyper Light Drifter Doc came out under the Vice Gaming moniker (notably, it was released the first official day of E3 2016, 2 days prior to Austin announcing he was joining Vice to start a new gaming site which became Waypoint).


Congratulations to Waypoint for getting a doctor saying “fisting” onto a Disney network.


Are future episodes going to be available on Waypoint or YouTube? For those of us not in the States we can’t watch Disney XD. And I know a VPN is a way around that, but not everyone purchases such services.


My best friend’s 10-year-old kid is really into games now—little dude has written Titanfall fan fiction—and I’m jazzed someone as upbeat and welcoming as Austin is introing a show like this. Dude exudes good nature and curiosity.


Austin said they’re going to go up on Youtube/Waypoint in a few months after showing.

Also I can not look at Disney XD without mistaking the XD for arguably one of the worst emoji faces.


so I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but what sort of rides do you think should be in the inevitable Waypoint section of Disneyland?


Breakfast & Battlegrounds is going to be a breakfast/brunch place where everything is spicy & the booths are refurbished jeeps from the Indiana Jones ride.


Also I listened to the WP Radio announcement shortly after my post, where Austin stated there that they’ll release a couple of months later, so there’s my worries relieved.


It’s a Small World gets repurposed as Is Anime Bad. It’s just alternating cardboard cutouts of Patrick saying “Anime is bad” and Danika saying “Actually, anime is very good.”

Edit: I think I might have mixed up It’s a Small world with Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride but I don’t care enough to bother looking it up.


So I missed this live because I don’t pay for cable, but I know my parents do and might have to borrow their accounts to watch. Are they doing reruns, can I pull up the episode online or something similar? I kind of want to see what this is like.


You can watch it online here if you have a cable subscriber login. They are doing reruns, but you might have to check your local listings for the exact details. It reruns on Thursday at 1AM and 2:30AM, but that is, obviously, a little behind us now. @Hush


I was able to watch this through Sling. We’ve got the package that has all the disney and nickelodeon channels (because I have a kid and some nostalgia) and I was able to pull it up on Sling’s VOD section under the channel. The interface was insufferable, so it’s a bit of a deep dive to find it, but I got there. Go me.

Anyway, love the idea behind the show - as someone who edits these kinds of things for a living. Great first episode and I’m definitely going to be watching the rest. Austin does good TV! :smiley:


I could’ve used some pop-up video style notes during that SuperHyperCube section. They were throwing around some technical terms on 3D & VR and I’m sure the segment would have been more meaningful if I actually understood it.