(TW: Sexual Assault) Alec Holowka accused of sexual assault by Zoe Quinn

Oh, I didn’t know. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll make sure I don’t make that mistake again and will update accordingly.

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Forgot about that, thanks for the reminder. OP edited.

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Huge agree, that happens everywhere. Just first time for me personally that I’ve had to reassess my relationship with something that affected me deeply, and decide how I interface with it in the future.

But on a more on-topic note, Zoe Quinn has and continues to be incredibly brave and personal. They’ve been through a lot of shit and I hope they someday can feel safe in the industry.

The account of Jeremy’s comments paints his music in such a profoundly uncomfortable light. I had been listening to the Oblivion soundtrack on the regular to keep myself together at work, but the combination of his disgusting behavior and the sick philosophy behind his work has permanently tainted it for me.

I hope these reports galvanize more people to come forward about the abusers within the industry.

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Where can I read the comments? His wikipedia page is dry and doesn’t have many details.

Hey everyone, this is just a quick reminder to use content warnings in compliance with Goal B of our Code of Conduct. Please also be mindful of Rule 10 and respect the privacy of the survivors.

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it’s inside the post mentioned earlier, inside this dropdown

CW discussion of sexual assault and incredibly gross misogyny. like a lot of both.


really shouldn’t have read this post first thing this morning lmao. can’t recommend that to start your day

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I grazed it so I didn’t get to that part. Thanks.

I’ve been doing the same with the Morrowind soundtrack on and off for a while. Hell, same with Night in the Woods. Right now I feel sick thinking about ever listening to those OSTs ever again, tbh, especially NitW because of how important that game is / was to me.

Another confession about Vlad Micu (in spoiler)



EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: He is named in this tweet.

I work in the same industry as Holowka, and he’s worked in the same town I do. As such I have heard rumors about this guy for a while. Sadly nothing specific besides that he was an abuser. I had no names of his victims and it wasn’t like I knew or worked with him specifically.
But I knew enough to be skeptical when NitW came out and I never did end up getting it because of those connections.

Really sad hearing about what exactly he’s done, but glad it’s finally out in the open so I can stop trying to sidestep the issue any time that game/guy is brought up.

Christine Love supports Zoe’s account.



EDIT: Materia Collective is ending their working relationship with Soule (who has notably deleted his account)

EDIT: Zoe Quinn further adds that she believes that Scott and Bethany didn’t know about the issues with Holowka (Scott already publicly tweeted about this earlier today, backing that up)

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Given the context I am inclined to avoid reading the details and just give uncritical support.

I am personally deeply pleased at the thought of Quin becoming an avenging angel of truth here. Basically the exact kind of threat to the patriarchy everyone said she was because she made a game without explosions.

In my head I picture an army of two mod that replaced the characters with them and sarkesian I guess and replaced the bad guys with 4chan.

I think there’s an accidental double negative in this sentence—she said she does believe that they didn’t know.


Edited and fixed

God, feel so bad Zoe. They’ve just had so much garbage hurled at them over the years, it’s awful.

Hope they’re hanging in there, Zoe is an important voice in the community/culture/industry. I can’t even imagine still hanging around after all the bad shit this stupid, stupid industry has thrown after them.Tremendous respect for sticking with it and I hope they know that there are people who support them.


Adding another one:
Tony Coculuzzi has come forward about abuse from Ken Wong (of Monument Valley fame).
Thread here: https://twitter.com/tonycoculuzzi/status/1166510556892631041?s=09

As an aside, I can’t figure out if he also has credit on Monument Valley 2, it’s not on his personal website.

On mobygames he’s listed as a ‘Special Thanks’ https://www.mobygames.com/game/iphone/monument-valley-2/credits

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Now Meg Jayanth has a thread on Alexis Kennedy of Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea, Cultist Simulator) https://twitter.com/betterthemask/status/1166757334103842816?s=09