(TW: Sexual Assault) Alec Holowka accused of sexual assault by Zoe Quinn

Ah right. Thanks for the correction.

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Olivia Wood of Failbetter came forward about Alexis Kennedy as well:

I have an autographed physical version of the Skyrim soundtrack because I love those soundtracks so much. It just feels…wrong, now. Get Sarah Schachner to do the ESVI soundtrack. Not him.

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Failbetter tweeted a statement (short thread):


A few more things.

Some accusations against Matilde Park (LOCALHOST) (I unfortunately can not find what the original allegations the 2018 tweets mentioned, help would be appreciated)

I feel I should also add that on staff for that game was Matt Conn, who was outed as an abusive employeer during his time at Mid-Boss and is now currently involved with the new Toe-Jam and Earl and is friends with Swery (was involved with The Missing). And, of course, he appeared on a stream with Nick Robinson. Tangentally related but I feel it’s important we remember that guy because he’s in a place of power in the background, where he’s commonly ignored.

Info on the Mid-Boss stuff: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-03-26-midboss-ceo-accused-of-exploitative-practices-sexual-harassment

Merritt K was also mentioned, who’s not strictly in the game industry, but has a long history of biphobia, issues with non-binary people, and you probably know her best from her surprisingly racist review of the manga My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness. She’s accused of trying to get queer writers fired from Fanbyte.

EDIT: Wanted to add this tweet on Matt Conn because I was not aware he was active at PAX right now. wooooow

Some others I hadn’t seen before here (the thread also, not just the tweet):

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One that seems to be getting overlooked is Ben Judd


Further context on Matilde Park from a friend of mine who followed when this first broke last year. I’m keeping them anonymous for personal reasons. Keep in mind they aren’t a witness to any acts, but were following along when accusations came out. Any harder details are welcome and greatly appreciated.

There’s a particularly HUGE bit at the end I would really like more info on (holy crap).

My memory on the matter, as on most things, is fuzzy; I don’t remember who first came forward with allegations (maybe Penelope Evans? I might be confusing them with someone else). What I do remember, though, is that Park’s abuse is well established both by those who worked on the game/with the company and by those privy to it. Christa Lee tweeted about it before, although I can’t find her tweets about it. She might’ve deleted them, or this might have been before Matilde changed her name to Matilde (I don’t think it was). Anyway, I remember Ana also providing some decent evidence via screenshots, and that Matilde reportedly chose her name from a GGer she idolized for a while.

EDIT: I think I got some further context on that last bit. When I saw some mention of “Chobitcoin,” I at first thought that was yet another cryptocurrency, but now I realize that’s the username of a GGer and may have been what inspired the name change.

EDIT: More on Merritt K.

I’m going to spoiler these. (TW: Emotional abuse)








Tangent to games, but there is a reminder and further accusation of James Portnow’s harassment of Soraya Een Hajji.

New thread by Lil Chan who worked at Extra Credits as an artist :https://twitter.com/lalalichan/status/1166871707967115266?s=19

Original thread by Soraya: https://twitter.com/Cavni/status/1005503665363247105?s=19

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If we’re bringing up abusers in the critic/youtuber space, I feel I should bring up ProJared, since I’m not sure how many of you are aware of him and I don’t want you accidentally supporting him in the future (he’s trying to make a career recovery Nick Robinson style).

He’s a gaming youtuber who got his start as the host of ScrewAttack’s Hard News. He was a member of Normal Boots and did a few guest episodes of Game Grumps, which have since been removed after what came out about him.

(CW: Pedophilia, emotional abuse)

Turns out he was sexting and soliciting nudes from his fanbase, which is mostly underage. He also cheated on his wife with a friend’s wife (the friend being RubberRoss from Game Grumps), and was emotionally abusive towards his wife.

When this all came out, we thought everything was over as he just quietly disappeared and he was disowned in mass, but a few days ago, he posted a video on his channel explaining his side of the story (which I will not be sharing, read below as to why).

It was monetized and took directly from the youtuber’s insincere apology handbook, going on for 45 minutes and harping on the same point for about twenty five of those minutes.

Also, he tied the release of this video when his ex-wife would be at a convention and away from any sort of support. He has a large audience. What followed were hours upon hours of his ex being harassed by account after account on twitter, and his fanbase name-searching to constantly argue with anyone talking about the video (I even git hit with a few and it was one of the most depressing things I have ever seen). It was fairly clear he planned this to hurt his ex.

(CW: Emotional abuse, ableism)

And if that wasn’t enough, in his own defense, he questioned the mental states of some of his accusers from the nudes incident I mentioned before. Those people were underage.

So yeah. If you see a ProJared video, don’t watch it.

EDIT: A twitter thread from Heidi, ProJared’s ex, on his behavior.



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So this is a big one.

Zoe Quinn again about someone else. Alex Lifschitz, who was with them during GG, has been outed for abusive behavior. He was also promoted by Elizabeth Sampat, a major voice in gaming feminism circles, after the person in these tweets warned them of Alex’s behavior.




Update from Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry about what they are doing in light of the accusations against Alec Holowka:

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How does it work with proceeds? I imagine he gets some portion of sales from that game.

He’s not apart of any sort of company. Scott said as much that his “studio” is really just a collection of people, not a corporate entity. It’s more likely he was paid like any other worker on a game for his work and didn’t have any royalties.

From the backer email:

Does Alec get money from the game?

Yes, from game sales and soundtrack sales. That’s all we can say for now. We’ll update you when and if thing change. But we’re not like unilaterally cutting off Alec’s revenue share or something.

The most obvious explanation would be that Scott and Bethany own the NITW ip, but Alec owns a share of the game itself.


This is more comics world than video games, but it looks like comic book writer Brian Wood has been accused of sexual misconduct and has been fired from Dark Horse.

Apparently there was another accuser before as well, but I didn’t hear about them until now.

These kind of stories spread across all mediums I guess and encourage other people to speak up. It’s a good thing, and I guess I have a whole row of DMZ on my book shelf to get rid of.

We’re in general discussion so sure, stuff like this is fine.

Some good news on Brian Wood is that it seems Dark Horse has cut ties with him. Let’s see how long it takes for Marvel editor in chief, lover of racists, and known actual real Japanese man Akira Yoshida-san to kiss his butt and hire him.

(For those out of the loop, the current head of Marvel Comics is a guy who pretended to be a Japanese man to steal work from actual Japanese comic writers when Marvel did that ridiculously racist mangaverse line, and he will likely never get punished for it because the entirety of Marvel Comics is rotten to the core these days, go look up how he treated the creator of Maus and even Mark Waid for daring to say that nazis are bad in a special anniversary comic).


Spiegelman got his essay for the collection published by the Guardian recently. Its an alright essay, but its most interesting to me to read how tame the dig at Trump is that apparently got the thing rejected by Marvel. Its indicative of just how rotten Marvel is, imo.

Content warning: death, possible suicide. Recent news has come out via his sister’s Twitter that Alec Holowka has passed away. In light of this news, the mod team no longer feels comfortable with a thread ostensibly dedicated to the discussion of Alec Holowka, his actions, or the accusations against him. As such, we are locking this thread permanently.

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