'Twelve Minutes' Is Filled With Shocking Twists That Accomplish Nothing

There are spoilers for Twelve Minutes below.

In its earliest conception, the time loop of Twelve Minutes played out in a gigantic open world rather than a tiny apartment. Its director, Luis Antonio, working as an artist at Rockstar London in 2008, had just wrapped up production on the ultra-violent Manhunt 2 while Rockstar North, a few hundred miles up the road in Scotland, put the finishing touches to Grand Theft Auto IV. Studio executives were looking for pitches so Antonio tried his luck.

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Quite disappointed by this article on a game I was very curious about…

On one side it sounds like Twelve Minutes is just another “shocking” entry in a videogame sector that’s becoming a trend (Extreme violence! But “No politics” because videosgame!!1!1! Manhunt, Kane&Linch, TLoU2, Days Gone, MK11…) on the other any analysis on the themes of the game is suddenly stopped because incest. I get that’s an extreme topic but it’s used because Twelve Minutes has something to say or it’s just gratuitous violence for shock value only?

The title has a clear stance, the article not so much.