Twilight Imperium: Space Furries Go To War


i played my first game of twilight imperium 4th edition on saturday! turns out: this game rules!

for those of you who aren’t familiar, Twilight Imperium is a tabletop strategy game which takes 7-10 hours to play. it feels rude of me to lead with that, but it’s come to be the defining feature of the game: it’s very Big, and it’s quite complex, and it’s an intense experience, and if that’s the sort of thing which makes you think “no, not for me,” then you are probably right.

that said! i felt sure it would be Not For Me, but i played the first game for a friend’s birthday, and i’m ridiculously and immediately hooked. it lit up all the same joy receptors as Netrunner and Subterfuge for me, in that most of the individual systems are relatively simple, but they interact in increasingly complex ways which revolve strongly around table talk, alliance-building, lying, and double-crossing to be effective.

for such a Big Game, i was amazed to find that i was 100% engaged in it from start to finish; there was almost no point at which i checked out or stopped thinking about my next action, or the status of my fragile alliance with my neighbour, or on how to get that next precious victory point. the immense complexity of the game all felt fun and exciting, and i’ve already booked my next game with some pals in mid-January.

here’s a good review which tackles the strong points by SU&SD:

and here’s a good rules reference video for when you want to start playing:

anyone else into this game? thinking of getting into it? i can talk more about my first game if folks fancy also.


Woo! Which faction did you play? :smiley:

I’ve played TI4 twice and managed to win my second ever game of it, with the Mentak Coalition (yay for space pirates). It’s a really engrossing game and to come out on top feels especially incredible.


i played Emirates of Hacan! and you know i roleplayed sexy lion the only way i know how

for real tho, Hacan were so much fun to play as, since you’re trying to remain friends with everyone (as a faction not well spec’d for fighting) while also trying to bilk as much money out of them as possible at every occasion. successfully manage to repeatedly tax most of the board by taking Trade and demanding tribute before i’d give people free top-ups - a risky play, but one i figured would work since we were all very new - and maintain a generally successful relationship with the Sardakk N’Orr player to my immediate right.

in the end, i came second place by the tiniest margin - it came down to initiative order on the final turn, and unfortunately i hadn’t taken the faction tech which would’ve let me steal Leadership from the Sardakk player who we knew was about to win. incredible game though, really fun to play to the bitter end, even as i desperately stalled for action cards etc. in case something came up which might’ve given me the edge.

in the next game i play, i’m probably going to take Clan of Saar, so i’m running through the relevant episodes of Space Cats Peace Turtles podcast and trying to learn as much as possible before i go into it. it’s not scheduled til mid-January, but this game has got straight into my brain!


That sounds fantastic, well done. I don’t know when my next fix of TI is going to be (I didn’t own the copy we played) but I am very keen to get there some time in the new year - even if I end up buying my own copy.

Also, thanks for the podcast recommend. I hadn’t heard of SCPT before, but I’m already hooked!