Twin Peaks Revival Hype Thread (Spoiler Warning)


Don’t forget to watch the Missing Pieces. It is all the deleted scenes from Fire Walk with Me and fills in some important details that could pop up in the revival.


Good call. And I’m assuming/hoping season 3 will take on the very “Twin Peaksy” tone that Missing Pieces has (as opposed to Fire Walk With Me’s more straight up Lynchian vibe).


I’m hoping season 3 is at least better than the audio book. It was fine but a little corny, but I guess Twin Peaks has always been a bit corny. I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed it but I feel like its a much better read than a listen. Especially since I heard theres a bunch of cool stuff in the book, that probably does not translate well to audio.


Also remember it was written by just Mark Frost. Twin Peaks is at its best when him and Lynch work on the material together.


That’s true. Lynch has a good way to reel him in.


Super excited. The most unsettling parts of the recent trailer are in the current era elements among the familiar settings: the cars, the video quality, etc.
Also have plans to watch Fire Walk with Me at our local independent theater later this month.


I also just remembered the audiobook version of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer just came out today so that may be a good addition. Though some do question how canon it truly is.


I’m psyched, but keeping expectations a bit guarded. I want to love it, but… We’ll see! The original is such a touchstone for me that I am not sure what to expect. My curiosity is piqued.


Unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Fire Walk With Me that much. It feels too distant from the show.


That wouldn’t be Amherst Cinema, would it? Though I imagine a lot of theaters are doing this.


That is the one! Although I realized I can’t make the screening date (5/19). Is that the one you are going to?


I just watched Twin Peaks for the first time in the last year so I’m very excited for the new series. Damn shame that they rushed the reveal of who killed Laura because it’s clear the show didn’t know what to do with itself afterwords. That ending sure was…something.

I should mention I haven’t had a chance to go back and watch Fire Walk with Me. Required watching?


I think the disappointing thing about the show not knowing what to do is that I do think there was more the show could do even moving on from the mystery of Laura Palmer’s death but they just didn’t have an idea of what it should be.


You could chalk that up to Lynch being rushed in general. If he had more time to naturally flesh out the reveal of Laura’s killer he would had more time to develop what came afterwords. From what I’ve heard the network kind of forced his hand.



Seriously, like, I have a whole .txt of questions, but this is always my number one. Is she literally trapped in the knob? How did she really fit in to everything?

I don’t think Season 3 will return to this, but I hope it does. I need answers.


The most common theory I have seen is that part of Josie’s soul was taken to the black lodge but part of it is trapped in the hotel. They even reference that by having a couple characters mentioning they see her in the various pieces of furniture of the hotel. Also there was a scene filmed with her stunt double that was supposed to be shown when Dale is in the black lodge but it was cut.


Fire Walk With Me is definitely more lynchian than twin peaks is but I think it does a lot of good work filling in some details about the world.


The first bit of new footage of the characters is out today.


Also I was catching up on Alice isn’t Dead and I was very amused that HBO had taken out a Twin Peaks ad before one of the episodes. Seems that they know the kind of podcasts/shows Twin Peaks fans are into.


If it’s not good I can at least replay Deadly Premonition.