Twin Peaks Revival Hype Thread (Spoiler Warning)


My hype has been up and down lately (particularly after forcing myself through rewatching the back half of season 2 and then remembering just how f’in dark FWWM gets), but I wound up picking up Secret History of Twin Peaks on a whim, and it’s the definitely kind of meta-narrative stuff that I always find fascinating when it’s done well. Still not sure if I’d say I’m excited, but I’m definitely curious about the new season.


I’m still not sure how to feel about it, but I know that I want to see more of Cooper and I’ll be making myself a tiramisu (I don’t drink coffee) and screen sharing it with my mum when it premiers.

One week away!


The whole PR push for the new season has been a huge turn off for me. From the shitty funco pop dolls, to the SXSW showcase to the reunited cast dropping the “hit” lines from the series during interviews, it’s all been rubbing me the wrong way. I’ve been trying hard not to hipster out about the revival in the fanfare for this show.


That new teaser hits just the right notes for me of unsettling without giving anything away, particularly the shot of the kid staring straight ahead. However I do hope we get some of the warmth of the original show, sometimes it was just really nice to ‘hang out’ with that cast of characters, even when weird dark shit was going down.


Yeah, I got excited in a whole new way when I saw the trailer that actually shows new characters. I guess I just hadn’t considered that the new show might try to succeed on its own merits, rather than just leaning on old characters/plots



ahhhh god I don’t wanna let myself get excited cus I’m so used to revivals completely letting me down but it’s just so weird having a new twin peaks happening and I can’t stop myself


I don’t intend to keep plugging this, but the Idle Thumbs Twin Peaks Rewatch podcast is back! They’re doing a pre season 3 episode to ease back in and I’m honestly more excited about the watch along than about Twin Peaks itself because I don’t know how it’ll play out (and I haven’t actually looked at the marketing of the show at all).


kills me that I won’t be able to watch this tonight, but the credits just rolled on Fire Walk With Me and whew boy I’m definitely ready for more Twin Peaks.


Hey. Honored to be the first one to post here after the eps dropped. So, David Lynch is a god


Had a bit of a sick weekend so I binged the last half of season 2. I stalled and eventually bailed on it way back when because I couldn’t deal with how bad it got. But season 2 really saved itself in the last episode. The nightmare fuel imagery, the deliberate and tense pacing are some of my favourite things in this series. I capped tonight off with Fire Walk With Me (first time watching it) and episode 1 of season 3.

Now I’m lying in bed waiting to drift off to sleep and have some weird ass dreams. Good night everyone


Are we gonna have some sort of discussion on here week by week? Individual threads for each episode might be cool. I just watched the first two episodes (really one two hour episode) and I think I’ll get around to the other two tomorrow. Or maybe wait til next week so I don’t have a two week draught, I’m not sure. Anyways there’s so much to talk about!!!


Watched first 4 episodes of The Return last night. Kind of at a loss for words; there’s so much to unpack! But I’m absolutely in love with it. Twin Peaks (or any other television anything) has ever had the kind of effect that this show has had on me so far. Being scared, sad, nostalgic, confused all at once and then laughing hysterically 10 minutes later is a great experience. I came in with no expectations since I didn’t want to be disappointed but I don’t think my expectations would have ever been so high.

Keeping my thoughts general now since I’m not sure how we want to handle spoilers in this thread (and since access to all 4 episodes varies depending on whether people are watching live or streaming). Maybe a straight spoiler thread is a good idea, but I know mods like to keep things to one topic when possible…


We just saw the two hours premiere but are really digging it.

I’m really impressed with the tone of this show, not that it’s completely joyless, but it really feels like a smooth continuation from season one to season two to Fire Walk with Me to this.

We visited some family over the weekend and they were very prepared for us all to watch this together:

So far my interpretation is that the entire series was just a long con to get imagery of bronzed silly jacket Cooper and for Lynch to tell us we were wrong all along and that James Hurley was, in fact, “always cool.”


Watched the first three episodes and… they are amazing. The story stays true to the series but also goes where it needs to, most often nightmare territory. Love all the choppy/fuzzy/diy-type effects. And the sound design is amazing!
Needless to say I am super pleased. As every other piece of media coming out is a reboot/rehash/reimagining it is a relief that such an excellent continuation and evolution of a series can exist.
I was expecting to find more people to be critical of these new episodes but so far reviews and feedback looks to be nothing but positive. I am curious to hear some negative impressions! It does, so far, eschew the soap opera influence of the original series for heavy doses of more classical “Lynchian” surrealist horror stuff, but crime procedural flavor still lingers on a bit. But nothing feels out of place or off for me at this point.


The thing that feels off is the lack of soundtrack. The original series basically had a score throughout. The Return has great sound design but almost no background score. It was cool to hear Laura’s Theme when Bobby saw the picture of her. Also how good was the reveal of Bobby?


Finished the first 4 eps, thought it was brilliant. Frequently creepy as hell, occasionally laugh out loud funny. Exactly what I wanted from more Twin Peaks. Very curious how it’s going to be perceived at large.

Honestly just in shock that Lynch managed to convince Showtime to give him the money and full creative control necessary to make this weird thing.


My partner and I are going to watch the new episodes tomorrow. We have both seen all of the original run and FWwM, but cannot remember much from either the movie or the latter half of season 2. How much, if anything, should we rewatch before starting the new season?


They do a pretty good job of getting you up to speed when it’s relevant. Maybe watch the film and final episode of season two if you really want to brush up before going in? Otherwise I’d say don’t worry about it. If you remember the characters and the general plot points you should be all set I think.


I’ve seen the first four episodes of the new stuff and as long as you remember what happened to Cooper in the final episode of season two, there doesn’t seem to be much else carried over.