Twin Peaks Revival Hype Thread (Spoiler Warning)


@celadon @2Mello Thanks! We were hoping to go right into the new episodes, but I was worried we’d be lost without remembering what happened to everyone.


I’m regretting watching episodes 3&4 soon after finishing the first two, because now the wait until June 5th is going to suck. Though what’s probably going to happen is that I’ll watch the whole four hours of new Twin Peaks again before episode 5 hits. I’m totally in love with what I’ve seen so far. It’s funny, scary, heartwarming and heartbreaking. Though most importantly, I think, is that it feels different from what came before. I’m so happy that David Lynch has gotten this opportunity and budget to make something new. In world full with remakes and sequels, this (so far) has managed to feel fresh and exciting.


Yeah my wife and I burned through the four episodes and then had an ‘oh wait…’ moment when we realized it’ll be two weeks before we can see more. We might end up rewatching before June 6th but I can’t promise the same thing won’t happen with the next four episodes. Or the next.


Is there any indication on where the break between Episode 1 + 2 is in the new season? They’re available as a single double-length episode on the on-demand service here and I think I stopped it at the right point but I’m not entirely sure.


Judging by the ad breaks during the live broadcast, I think the end of the first episode occurs around the time when the, to put it vaguely, detectives inspect the boot of a car. (it’s the scene with the flickering flashlight)

It doesn’t feel especially like a conclusion to the episode, so it’s quite easy to miss without the ad break.


Hm, not sure if I got that far. The first ‘ad break’ section in the version I watched was at about 40 mins in and I believe just after the log lady calls Hawk. I stopped watching at the end of the scene where the headteacher is locked in a cell which was slightly past halfway.


@Zak has it right. The iphone app splits them into two episodes (each with their own opening and closing credits oddly enough) and the first ends on the car inspection (final shot is flickering flashlight on the piece of flesh).


Watched all 4 back to back directly after watching Fire Walk With Me. Without spoilers i can say that FWWM sets up this new season perfectly, it feel much more like a direct continuation of the movie than the original run of the show to me, if that makes any sense. And i could write a million words about how IMPORTANT the woman-in-a-red-dress scene from the start of FWWM is to this season, and Lynch as a whole

also i told them FIX THEIR HEARTS OR DIE and holy shit Mister Jackpots hoooooly shit


Any chance you could try to summarize those million words? Curious about what your thinking here.


I don’t know what I watched for four hours today, but I cannot wait for the next 14!


it’s not like a Concrete Theory re: the plot or anything like that, but the scene can be read as a sort of guide for interacting with the surreal nature of lynch’s storytelling. Cole (played by lynch himself) presents the Heroes of the story with their mission in the form of a coded performance from “Lil the Dancer”. At first it seems like a non-sequitor, almost comedic beat, just a dancer in a bright wig and dress making a goofy face. It’s only after we leave the scene that Desmond explains to Stanley that every aspect of the scene was a coded message relaying the nature of their investigation, using details that at first seemed absurd to come to complex conclusions. Importantly, laying out the conclusions in-language takes an entire scene, where the dance was able to relay those ideas to the primed Desmond in a matter of seconds, making an argument for the power of metaphor in communication. It’s a brief set of scenes, but it speaks to how (the good parts of) Twin Peaks and Lynch in general communicates - through an accumulation of small details that seem absurd or even comical when first observed, but hint at deeper, more connected, and much darker stories. It’s the perfect primer for FWWM and it’s themes of repressed trauma/the shattering of that repression, but I found myself thinking about it a lot during the new season as well. (also, in the scene, the only part of the message Desmond doesn’t understand the nature of is the Blue Rose on the dancer’s chest, and that image of a blue rose pops up a few times in the new season) yes i did just spoiler text that whole paragraph even though i don’t think it has any real spoilers in it


fuck its good y’all

however I can’t in good conscience support a show that claims “James was always cool”


Well said. I think the best part of this season will be going back and watching it all over again once we have all of the context/clues we need to fully understand everything. That’s something that Lynch does uniquely well and the reason I love his movies so much (particularly Mulholland Drive).


The entire series was a long con to make “James was always cool” canon.


Hahahahahah, oh my god, Wally is the perfect role for Michael Cera.

I bet if he’d been around in the day, Lynch would’ve put him in everything.




So Good Cooper is acting dumb/catonic because Bad Cooper was supposed to return to the Red Room right? The Arm explicitly says that Bad Cooper must return in order for Good Cooper to go out. Also what was up with The Arms doppelgänger yelling “nonexistent” before sending Cooper to the glass box?


I think Good Coop is in a weird state because Dougie Jones was a facsimile created to stop Coop from swapping with Bad Cooper? Doug has the Owl Cave Ring on which protects people from going back the Black Lodge, so I think he’s a failsafe made by Bob. He’s basically learning to be himself again after the trauma of being flung into his body, something he has no way to understand, unlike Bob who does it constantly.

The Arm’s doppelganger saying “non-existent” I think is just him being evil before sending Cooper into some kind of Limbo space - I don’t think he was intentionally sending him to the Glass Box, but the Glass Box is set up to catch things on their way between dimensions and just so happened to grab Cooper on his way. I don’t think the Bad Arm expected Coop to ever escape that weird space, and I guess from its colouring it is supposed to be related to Blue or Violet possibly a “lower” dimension than the real world and the Black Lodge is perhaps higher than reality - explains why Cooper is falling through those sequences.


Those were my two favourite parts too!


I suspect that “Nonexistent” line was related to Cooper falling in between the cracks of reality. His whole journey through Limbo, i.e. the room with the fireplace and the banging on the door, seemed like he was in danger of ceasing to exist entirely. That whole scene really reminded me of Eraserhead.

Anyway, that’s how I interpreted it. On a sidenote, I would loooove a point and click adventure game of Agent Cooper finding his way out of the Black Lodge and getting travelling between dimensions.