Twin Peaks Revival Hype Thread (Spoiler Warning)



One hundred percent.


I screamed a lot after that latest episode.

I need a lot more than two more episodes of this. We need to convince Starz to keep shoveling cash into the Lynch furnace.


Well, huh.

Though this is my first time posting in this thread, I have been loving the hell out of this season, regardless of what’s thrown at me. That includes this finale, which quite understandably will piss people off.

I’m left feeling a little shaken, actually, the same way Inland Empire and House of Leaves did. It’s going to take some time for me to process that. Like watching a story undergo entropy in real time.



That was.


It will be a long time until I have more complete thoughts on Twin Peaks: The Return other than that it was good and I liked it. I hope that this was it, Twin Peaks is now done. I also hope that someone gives Lynch a ton of money to make something else. Whatever else.


It’s one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had with a piece of media. I would also compare it to House of Leaves!! Not many things have left me feeling this way.

I felt empty immediately, but only a few minutes later I was internally shouting “NO! THAT WAS PERFECT! I’M SHOOK!”


I loved this series. I also hope it’s 100% done, and plan to rewatch it all again when I can find time.

It’s refreshing to see something that’s so unconcerned with giving the audience what we want. It’s very aware of what we want, but that’s not what the show sets out to do.

I do have one question lingering that I’ll be pondering a while, how’s Audrey?


In my opinion, Character* of the Season goes to “Guy Ritchie presents: One Punch Man”

“Oy, 'ave you seen me mate, James 'urley?”

*I’d say Wally, but he was more of a one-time cameo than a recurring character


seeing alot of ridiculous time travel (in reverse), “it was all a dream” and parallel universe theories about the finale and its like…yo the series gave you all the information you need its not hard to figure out


I feel like Lynch/Frost found a way with this series to not only subvert the audience’s expectations and wants, but also to feed on the strength of the desire of people to see familiar things or know what’s “really going on”, to make it all fit in a neat theory. They knew people were going to try to do that, and neatly danced over their heads. It’s pretty clear what happened, and it’s so much of a gut punch that people are frantically grasping for anything to relieve it.


Just to see if we’re all on the same page or one close to it, speculation-wise, by gut punch you mean Cooper’s profound failure in the end, ie preventing the central problem from occurring in the first place rather than being satisfied with his resolution to the problem, right?

And a gut punch that certainly was. Coop has been a beacon of goodness throughout the entire franchise, yet this ending is the first time I ever thought, “You done fucked up.” And it worked.


I’m a bit baffled by it to be honest, could you share your thoughts on what happened?


I dunno, the Cooper Fuckup scenario makes a lot of sense, but I don’t understand why Laura would be an entirely different person.

Personally, I’m selfish and would be willing to fight somebody for another season. Especially since we’re left with one major unresolved question that was raised last season: How’s Annie?


I’ll just spoiler block it.

Spoilers within

The black-and-white events of FWWM repeated where Laura meets Cooper in the forest aren’t real, indicated by the fact that when Cooper loses her it returns to colour. This is, most likely, a dream of Cooper’s, or a vision, where he struggles to reconcile that he can’t save Laura from her fate at the hands of Leland.

“Richard” is a doppelganger like Dougie was, produced by the Lodge to give Cooper a route back into the real world in the general vicinity where he’s needed. Linda isn’t Diane like everyone’s assuming - Diane is with a different doppelganger of Cooper in a different motel - rather someone like Janey-E. Carrie Page is also a doppelganger of Laura.

When Cooper gets to the Palmer house he finds that the owner is completely different and that Sarah is nowhere to be found - this is because he’s been spat back out after many, many years in the Lodge (before he spent 25 years inside the Lodge, so who knows how long it was this time). Carrie, seeing the house, has her traumatic memories as Laura return (think how Diane’s trauma comes back to her even as a doppelganger), she screams, the show ends.

Mrs. Chalfont, the painting lady from FWWM, either sold the house after Sarah’s death or is Sarah, who is clearly possessed by something akin to Bob at this point - this part is obviously open to interpretation but largely doesn’t matter. I like to think Sarah is posessed by Judy like Leland was Bob.

Also Audrey is most likely trapped somewhere within the Lodge. Since Bad Cooper assumedly fathered Richard Horne as well as trapping Diane in the Lodge after assaulting her it can probably be inferred that he did the same to Audrey.


Huh, not sure I think that’s a particularly clear chain of events or seems any more or less convoluted than some kinda of time travel, alternate reality sort of thing. The refrain of “is it future,
or is it past?” seems to lend itself to a time-fuckery hypothesis as well. My feeling is that it isn’t really supposed to ever be clear one way or the other.

Ultimately my feeling of whether or not the series was satisfying lies most of all with how the myriad of threads that were dropped or shrugged play out in future rewatches.


“is it future or is it past” is meant to be about how the events of twin peaks circle around to being about laura again I have absolutely no idea how people are inferring it to mean time travel


I mean, there are any number of ways that last episode could be interpreted. Mine is rather metatextual: Cooper literally broke the story of Twin Peaks by undoing Laura’s death, and all the Audrey/roadhouse conversations/ambiguous sickness tangents can be seen as a narrative undergoing entropy due to the negation of its inciting incident.

So yeah, I think even those of us who liked the ending are going to have VERY different, equally valid interpretations of it.


Where time travel comes in is when Cooper has a conversation with teapot Jeffries in which he is given the date of Laura’s death, then Cooper appears in footage from FWWM, eventually culminating in Laura’s body disappearing from pilot footage. I don’t feel like time travel comes out of nowhere.


People and their dreams being unstuck in time is the linchpin of the entire series so I don’t see why people would think that’s not a valid conclusion someone could come to for this show’s ending. I don’t think that’s what happened myself but it works.


I don’t perceive it as strict ‘linear time travel’ but more events being out of sequence due to the lodges not acting on the same planar time as ‘our world’ (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say ‘their world’, they being the residents of Twin Peaks).

Not to say “time travel” could therefore be achieved by entering the lodges and exiting at a different point, because as we’ve seen this tends to exert your influence on multiple points of the timeline rather than being a simple enter>exit scenario.