Twitch/Let's Play Recommendations

I’ve recently gotten into watching long Let’s Plays – the GB Persona 4 endurance run really got me into it, but I don’t really know where to look for other stuff I’d enjoy. I’m not fussed about what games people play or even necessarily full LPs, but am looking for stuff more along the lines of GB/Waypoint/Idle Thumbs style Twitches (or Youtube, whatever) where the personality is the draw and that isn’t designed for 14 year olds. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

My friend Kate streams high-skill competitive games quite often. This is a friendly and safe space for LGBT people (and non-LGBT people alike).

Shout out to Bill Graner (@funwithbill) who does a lovely series with his partner, Moorea!
Bill Graner on YouTube

For developers, there’s Joe Wintergreen. He has a lot of insights into shooters and the Source engine, and he streams games occasionally.
Joe Wintergreen on YouTube

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Before i just to only watch Game Grumps but now Waypoint and GB is the only thing i regularly watch.

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I’m assuming you’ve got all the WP/GB/IT related (personal/former members) channels already. Most of these will archive onto YouTube with link in the channel notes.

Design delves, speed runs, and miscellaneous game playing:

Various games with lots of computer RPGs in there:

Strategy games of all sorts (plus programming tutorials and even other games) with a very Canadian accent:

Pen&paper roleplaying (if you’ve enjoyed the various FatT etc stuff from Austin) plus tabletop games and indie computer and video games with a regular schedule (show format with different hosts on a single channel):

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DeceasedCrab’s Cave Story play through was the first LP I ever watched, and I still think it’s a delightful series

Cryaotic has some excellent stuff, too; his Corpse Party LP was the first of his I watched, but he plays through some other great indies on his channel, too, and I find his voice oddly soothing?

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I’ve gotten into watching tabletop roleplaying stuff recently.
Critical Role, Dice Camera Action & Corporate SINs (season 1, 2) mainly.

edit: also Acquisitions Inc. C Team.

A streamer I enjoy watching is Slio9 - Cool dude that does a variety of games on a near-daily basis, with a focus on card games like MtG and Hearthstone. Right now he’s doing playthroughs of Hollow Knight, FFXIII, and La-Mulana I believe.

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This isn’t a specific recommendation but I’d like to take the time to plug!


Chip and Ironicus are probably the best LPers around. They manage to be funny and engaging without losing the personality of the game itself. Their LPs of the Uncharted series even got a write-up on the site, it was so good.
They don’t really do videos anymore but the Pokecapn crew was my favourite group for a strong minute. They each did individual LPs as well as appearing in each other’s videos constantly and are incredibly funny, especially as a full group. Their Mario Party LP in particular is among the funniest things I’ve ever watched. One caveat: some of their old content is extremely old and Bad so I’d suggest not watching their Sonic 2006 or Sonic Unleashed LPs unless you’re ready for casual homophobia and sexism. They definitely wised up in later years though so most anything else on there is going to be fine. Other members of the group are medibot, MyNameIsKaz and Kung-fu Jesus.


Couple of good (non-stream captured) YouTube recs:

Mumbles is currently doing a Dragon Age 2 LP (also has short-form crit/review videos). Formerly of Spoiler Warning (also loads of LP videos).

Stacy & Mari (Geek Remix) play all the games (huge LP archive).

I would definitely recommend supergreatfriend over on youtube. He doesn’t use a facecam, doesn’t shout (in fact, he’s known for his soothing, almost deadpan voice), and is a very thorough player. His LP of Spy Fiction was actually two playthroughs edited together in the same video to show off different play styles with the two main characters. Now that’s dedication!

His LP videos tend to range from 30min-1hr, and he also uploads streams from twitch to his channel. If you’re interested in hearing a story of mystery, intrigue, and essential lemons, then I suggest checking out his stream of the clickhole clickventure game A Tooth in Death’s Mouth


Since no one else has mentioned it, Stream Friends! Ones that stand out are Magician’s Quest, Remember Me, Recovery Search and Rescue Simulation, Long Live the Queen, and Game Dev Tycoon.

Dodger/DexBonus has some great LPs of visual novels and her voice acting is great. From Youtube, the standouts are Undertale, Aviary Attorney, Hustle Cat, and Dandelion.

B Button Bits are absolutely sweethearts. Their main focus is shiny hunting in Pokemon, but they also do LPs of Nintendo games.


The first LP I ever watched was Danielle and Phil Kollar playing Bloodborne, and it was borderline life changing. I was still new to the world of writing about/streaming games, and these folks were my first real window in.

It also introduced me to Bloodborne, something I never thought I’d play, but is now in my top 5 of all time, probably.

So, big big recommend on this one


If you want a kind of weird humoured, pretty chill space, the RunButton boys ( is really great. They did 20 Years Of Sonic And Then Some (so all the Sonic games), and have a range of other stuff including an ongoing 30 Years of Mario. Can’t say their upload schedule’s great, but they are.


The Team Four Star Guys just got Finished Doing All the Kingdome Heart Games

I’ll definitely double down on the Run Button recommendation. There’s something very engaging about Keith & Kyle’s style - they will keep you waiting on stuff, sometimes, but it’s well worth it when they arrive.

I’ve been a long-time fan of EpicNameBro - Marcus got me into the Souls series, and he has a wonderful enthusiasm and care for his topics. He’s mostly moved over to his Twitch channel now, where he streams most days during the week for a few hours.

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TieTuesday is a goob who streams things like a run through of Mario rpg with donkey kong bongos and a foot paddle, speed run sonic 06, chug a soda each time he looses a power in Kirby super star.
He’s also got a weird l.p. of super Godzilla on YouTube.
He’s a good bucko with a good sense of humor is a cool guy who runs Arcade Pit, a videogame game show with good production value for what it is (think public access, but streaming). He’s also held the Rogue Legacy speed run world record a few times

I have watched an awful lot of Rollplay over on itmeJP over the last few years. Blades has been knocking it out of the park… which is a double-edged sword considering I inevitably compare it to my own attempts to run that game. (Other highlights include Swan Song and pieces of West Marches.)

Also of particular interest to this community is the all-too-short game of Burning Wheel that Austin played in, run by Adam Koebel on the roll20 channel.

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Thanks, everyone!

tie tuesday is one of my top 10 boys FOR SURE. In a year where most of my list was taken up by soft boys, he has been the boy i turn to consistently when i am in need of a less soft, mildly spicy boy. the mythical Dahir Insaat videos he did with slowbeef will live in my heart for the rest of my days on this earth.

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