Twitch Presents: Yu-Gi-Oh! Marathon


The Twitch Presents channel is doing a marathon of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! tomorrow October 23 starting at 12pm PT, with a pre show by Team Four Star starting at 11am PT before that.

They will be streaming 224 episodes of the Duel Monsters original series and 12 episodes of Capsule Monsters. The marathon will run for 15 days! And yes, it will be the english dubbed version, so expect lots of invisible guns and silly voice acting. Personally I wish they were showing the abridged version, but that might be too silly.

Anyone else gonna watch this marathon? I have some nostalgia for the show and would love to laugh along with other people here. Twitch chat is amusing but a little too fast and incomprehensible to have any real discussion lol.

Also what does pot of greed do again? Can’t quite remember…


Looking forward to some neat card designs.



Gotta admit, the show was always a guilty pleasure for me, even as a kid. I was too embarrassed to admit I watched and actually liked it, but it really was a fun show and I wish I hadn’t gave a damn back then and just watched it all. I ended up missing lots of episodes so my memories of the show are spotty, or mixed with the abridged version and its jokes. Can’t wait to finally see some of the later parts of the series.


I’ll stick to my DVDs of the Yugioh dub, but that reminds me I need to get back to watching it on Crunchyroll sometime. Stopped around the Mai fight in Duelist Kingdom because my free trial ended and I also got more busy, and now they’re updated all the way to near the end of Season 3.


I’m excited for the marathon. I predict the Yugioh memes will be at maximum usage within the first 5 minutes


Was this mentioned before it got pushed back to the twenty-third?


I think so? But its on the schedule so its definitely happening. They had a pre show for their past marathons before. The Crunchyroll marathon they had people from CR introducing themselves and talking a bit about the shows they were going to stream.

I’ll probably watch the pre show if I can get there in time.


Can’t wait for the shocked reactions and maniacal laughs as a trap card is revealed.


Or the pot of greed. That card will cause mass confusion.


That allows you to return a monster from the graveyard right?


Man I don’t even know. I think it allows you draw 2 new cards or something.


I had already been rewatching Yu Gi Oh on Netflix lately as my trash TV so this’ll be a nice thing for my second monitor in work.


One of the good old classics for me here, along with DBZ, Pokemon, Beyblade & Digimon.
Wouldn’t mind catching up a few episodes with that stream for an hour just for the heck of it


I’ll try and be here for the stream. I love Yu-Gi-Oh and have lately gotten back into the games when I managed to snag the last DS entry in the series.


Oh wait, it is starting today? I thought I had missed it so this is a great way to start my less packed week. I cannot wait to see how Yugi Muto cheats his way through a children’s card game and survives attempted murder with each new episode.


I can’t wait for the parts where they murder send people to the shadow realm!


The preshow is on right now. It’s been pretty fun!


"Authorization Error"
Is this how Samus felt like?


I guess the stream got sent to the shadow realm. Hope it comes on soon though.


Oh, its finally on now! And oh god, the voice acting is even worse than I remember, its so baaaaaad!