Twitch Presents: Yu-Gi-Oh! Marathon


So what’s with these interruptions?

EDIT: I just noticed the arms were on the wrong side.


The voice acting gets kinda better as the series goes one.


These ad breaks are awful, way too many of them, and the ads run a lot longer than they should and cut into the show. Its getting really annoying :confused:


That poster is foreshadowing!


They seriously need to chill with these breaks, its messing with the flow of the insanity.

Oh my god, I forgot how unbearably lame Rex’s dino puns were.
The things that didn’t phase me as a kid…


Oh what the heck! Did they restart the stream back to the beginning of the series? I left to get dinner a while ago and checked back in and now they are back on the episode with the evil videotape. Why?


Yeah the stream restarted all the way back to episode 1.
Which is annoying since the stream was a good portion into the duel kingdom arc


Saw a bit of Episode 2 but even with adblock and twitch prime it loved to stutter at the lowest resolution. I’ll stick to crunchyroll and my DVDs but I was hoping to poke fun in the chat at how Yugi nearly beat pegasus in a single episode that time while later on he took ages to finally defeat him at the Duelist Kingdom.


So I passed out at around episode 3, only to find when I wake up we are back to the first episode?
Well, guess it gives me the day to watch the early episodes. I honestly forgot how dumb the show was in that first season. Basically, there are no rules: No summon costs, life points at 2k, and basically everyone is doing whatever the hell they want. It is lunacy. Although, I still cannot deny the nostalgia trip I am going through. Forgot how YuGiOh was a big part of my childhood. Well we might as well see this madness through (even past the kidnapping Penguins).

On a side note: I always though Little Kuriboh really stretched Joey’s accent but nope, it is just as over the top in the official dub. BROOKLYN RAGE!


All these absurd forms of cheating makes me want to design a system driven card game where it’s all legit. An immersive sim card game!


I barely know the rules of the actual game at all. I feel like if I did it would add an extra layer if hilarity to my experience with it though. Of course, some of the stuff going on is soooo ridiculous that even I have to think to myself that this must be made up, cheating bs. Chat is sure to point out when something dumb is happening though, so I feel like I’m not missing too much lol.

Reminds me of other anime based around games like Akagi. Kind of doesn’t matter if you know the rules well or not, the drama and character reactions are what is most important.


How many laws did you just break, Kaiba!


Wait, hold the damn phone… Did we just reset the series again? I stepped out for an hour and it restarts from the first episode for the second time. What the hell are they doing? Not only are the ad breaks too frequent and long but this is really ruined any momentum. Was the RWBY Marathon like this?


I thought they only just started, but yeah I guess they just restarted it.

Edit: Oh they’re looping cause it’s a schedule

  • October 23-October 26 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1
  • October 26-October 29 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2
  • October 29-November 1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 3
  • November 1-November 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 4
  • November 3- November 6 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 5
  • November 6 - November 7 Yugi v. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium

Edit2: Uhhhh okay they’re looping episode 1 again.


What’s is with the looping?
Gah, it’s like season 1 will never finish at this point.


Weird, but I think I get it. They are probably doing this so people in different time zones can see it from the beginning too.

The ad breaks during this marathon are horrendous though. The Crunchyroll anime marathon wasn’t even this lousy with ads. But I am still enjoying the stream, the chat reactions have been really fun. If I wanted to just watch the show normally I could on a streaming site like Crunchyroll.


I wish they didn’t put ad breaks right before the end credits. It feels so unnecessary.


I hate that it restarted just as Yugi and Joey were about to dual. That match had a stupid cheesy song


someone message me when dungeon dice monster is on the one true way to play dual monsters


They don’t start following the rules of the real game until Battle City. Until then it’s largely nonsense. Just “whatever the author thinks is cool.”