Twitch Presents: Yu-Gi-Oh! Marathon


The ads were too much so I literally just got a copy of season one to watch.


Yeaaaaaah it really is kind of terrible. Still gonna watch the stream for the chat reactions but I kind of want to see more of the show now and I don’t want to wait for the repeats to move on. I wonder which sites (legit, I’m not a pirate) have it?


I’m really glad the marathon is happening. YGO is definitely a show that I would never seek out to rewatch.

My most memorable moment from season 1 has to be the dragon champion + catapult turtle combo. I still remember acting out that scene with my friend when we were young.

Really looking forward to the 2 v 2 labyrinth duel.


Netflix has Season 1 & 2 but I don’t know where to go from there.


If you have an account, Hulu has all 5 seasons


i love those twitch anime streams if only for the chat reactions


Okay the schedule is super wonky, they don’t show the whole season they just show chunks of the season and loop over that.


I can’t wait for the chat to see a certain character that appears a couple episodes after the tournament ends.


Shouldn’t Kaiba playing in his own tournament bring up of conflict of interest issues?


I mean, he literally started the tournament and set up its rules as a way to lure people he could steal cards from. I don’t think he has quibbles about it.


I don’t think Seto “Kidnap grandpas and force them into card games” Kaiba cares.


Twitch chat is usually pretty bad but I think that in cases like this, the Pokémon movie marathon or that Crunchyroll anime twitch thing it makes the experience rather unique. Tho there’s too many ads for my taste


On top of that he made his brother commissioner and what does Mokuba do when he catches cheaters in the act? He sweeps it under the rug.

Whole thing is corrupt.


They’re cheating to help their brother…
I too, have a brother.


If only his brother was JUSTICE!


Thanks so much, I found it after digging up my hulu account!