Twitch Streamers Are Getting Banned for the ‘TV Meta’

Twitch streamers approach the platform like a competitive game, making up new strategies in order to garner more and more views. The most recent approach to gain popularity, called the “TV meta,” has had the predictable result of getting people banned.

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Exhibit #5763 in “Trying to make a living on Twitch sounds like actual Judeo-Christian Hell”.

Also very, very interesting that Twitch finally brings the banhammer down when a woman and a lefty streamer jump in on the trend.

Woman of color, no less.

Being a content creator/Twitch streamer sounds like trying to be a lottery winner. You hit it big, make a pile of cash, and then suddenly you’re trying everything to make sure you can keep it.


The inconsistency of the rule enforcement is what made the idea of content-creation as a job dubious at best to me. On top of that the constant task of appealing to an algorithm you can only see obscured through days being passed and raw data you have to read like chicken bones tossed at your feet. The TV meta works, and when people’s livelihoods are tied to finding what works on these platforms it’s inevitable it will be attempted with increasing frequency until it doesn’t work anymore. Because the platforms are slow to plug these exploits in their meta they’re just asking for these things to happen.

While they ban people it’s weird they don’t see the opportunity here for Amazon to build the watch party features into their streamer’s toolset. Where they don’t show what they’re watching but people with the Prime Video can watch along with their favorite personalities. Even cut them in on new subscriptions and purchases through affiliate links.


Yeah that’s something that always bugged me. Amazon bought Twitch and they haven’t really done anything to really try and use any of their other services off of each other outside of Prime giving you a free sub.

Imagine if you as a streamer could use Amazon Music Prime and if you’re not a prime subscriber when you watch it’s some backup track but if you are a prime subscriber it’s actual licensed music. Is Luna even being pushed via Twitch? So many obvious use cases to make the platform both more interesting and easier for streamers and nothing is really done with it.