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I like following people and watching/engaging with their streams on twitch. Any of you guys have channels that you actively stream on? I’m movieguyjon on there and would like to friend you guys up, but not in a creepy way. If there’s already a dedicated list somewhere, sorry. I figure it would be nice to share each other’s info here and maybe even just talk about it in general and why you guys stream.

For me…I’m not entirely sure why I do it. There’s an element of using twitch as a visual diary of my gameplay, and then there’s also the element of wanting to turn what is kind of an isolated experience and make it a shared one. Used to do that with friends back in the day when we would bring the NES over and just play games and chat and watch each other do cool stuff.


My Twitch is Cartridge Blowers, the same as my Youtube cast I linked in another thread. We stream our show here and it’s fun to interact with people. I’ve been doing streams of old RPGs I wanted to replay. I played the entirety of Star Ocean 2 and Chrono Trigger over Twitch and it was just a blast going through these experiences I loved with people who loved them too.

Streaming is cool. I would probably not want to do it for a job, though.


I stream 3~ times a week on
It’s mostly PS2 classics and some Heroes/League of Legends

Also I stream because I’m incredibly narcissistic and need placation and praise 24/7.


I’m certainly not in it for a job, because that would take up too much time. But I like the communal experience and the performance aspect…somewhat. Mostly the communal aspect, heh. I don’t generally use overlays, nor do I really scream at the games ala the popular streamers. I did get pissy at Mass Effect, but that was rather genuine and I kind of feel embarrassed by it, which appeals to my game diary “thing.”


Yeah, I feel you. I use overlays just because I think it looks nice, but I’m not in it to develop some kind of “streamer personality.” It just feels good to develop that communal aspect. I might like the performance aspect a little more, though. :slight_smile:


I constantly run into the big question of “what’s the point” and all I can really fall back on is the idea of my streams being a diary of my time with a game. Now, I definitely want an audience and viewers, but I’m also not scouring best-practice guides and trying to have sweepstakes or do the aggressive twitch game. But then that leads to the question again of “what’s the point?”



Eh, the point is if it’s enjoyable, for whatever reason, it’s enjoyable. The point is what you make it with any hobby, really.


I also like to stream for purely non monetary reasons. I like the shared experience of playing a game with people, and this is certainly one way to do it. Plus it actually puts me in a head space to give the game more focus and attention than I normally would otherwise.

I’m SuperBiasedMan over there too, and at the moment I’m mostly streaming through all the Final Fantasies in order. I stream an hour in the mornings before work, 8-9am Irish/British Standard Time. I expect it’s a bad time for a lot of works, but like I say it is just for fun. :stuck_out_tongue: When I have more free evenings I hope to stream some other games I never got to play, like Metroid Prime.


Sometimes I think I’m a bit at odds with myself on this, because while I want to just treat this like a hobby and a gaming diary, I want to find an audience. It becomes this loop of not really putting effort into finding other streams and engaging where I should to get that bare minimum.

I’m also a late convert to the streaming realm, starting as one of those olds who just wants everyone to get off his internet lawn. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone! I hadn’t seen one of these yet so I figured I would start one up! Share your stream links and info below, and check out everyone else! If you’re streaming on twitch you can stream under the Waypoint community to allow other waypointees easy access!

I’ll start: I’m at and I regularly stream Destiny raids, with other games sprinkled in when I have time. Currently doing the daily dungeons in Unexplored and streaming Zelda every once in a while!


I stream just for funsies under I tend to stream my WoW raids and fit other games in when I have the chance. Mainly Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.


I stream pretty irregularly over at I should probably set up a schedule or something some day, but streaming is more of a “when the mood strikes me” sort of thing. That being said, I tend to gravitate towards weekends.

I’ve also been using so technically, you can also watch my live streams from my Youtube channel and my Hitbox account, if those are more your speed.

I tend to stream platformers and action games. Been tempted to do more horror games, too. I try to stay aware of not streaming anything that might be too sedate. I really like doing “grab bag” streams where I change games every 10-15 minutes.

If it’s something I put enough effort in to (like with a microphone on for commentary), I’ll archive it in this Youtube playlist. Most of those videos are unlisted on my channel so my Youtube doesn’t turn in to a flood of stream archives, but the playlist itself is featured on my profile’s “front door” so people can find my archives easily if they really want to watch them.


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I stream around once a week at forddent on Twitch. My current thing is streaming a total paragon playthrough of Mass Effect 1, because I’ve never done that before. Bonus points for having one stream with the game audio muted.

I was doing a playthrough of Alien Isolation for a while, but twitch broke on me during a Christmas stream and I haven’t gone back to it (that I didn’t feel the need for a game that made me feel intensely stressed). I also stream Street Fighter V sometimes! I like the performative aspect of streaming, even though usually I only have like one or two people dropping in. But it’s fun, and with stuff like SFV it forces me to keep my cool and talk through the many, many matches I lose rather than just getting all shitty and salty (of course I did devolve into a swearing mess playing Mass Effect, because holy shit fuck that krogan mercenary fight during the quest to get Liara on your team).

There we go. Good and rambling.


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Bumping this. I don’t stream but I just got into watching some and would love to support some Waypoint people.


I completely forgot I created a streaming thread on here. Heh, I’ve very much fallen off with my streaming, and it happened around the time I got stuck in some geometry in Mass Effect: Andromeda and lost a few hours of progress. Since then I haven’t really felt keen on streaming my game experiences out in the world. I have - however - gotten into D&D and have been looking into getting a stream going for that.

And then I got Breath of the Wild…and then Mario is coming out this week…and then I have D&D games to dungeon master…and…and…and. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know I’m new here, but I’m pretty new to the whole streaming thing as is. My name on there is ShinRazma as I’d made it a long time ago. I’m streaming mostly older import music games (like Dance Dance Revolutions, beatmanias, and the like) but am trying to get the equipment to do more recent stuff too.

It’s very obscure, very niche, but hey, what’s the point of playing something unless you love it, right? DDR might have been might first rhythm gaming love, but beatmania (and IIDX) are my obsessions.