Twitch Streams / Why We Stream


I’ve gotten into streaming for the past few months - I’ve mainly been streaming Mass Effect Andromeda.

As far as streams that I watch go, LoadingReadyRun’s streams are great, and I’ve also been watching the Duckfeed stream (Kole Ross of WOFF and Bonfireside Chat has been streaming survival horror games for the Hexcrank blog).


Oh yeah, I stream now! Just started working on my stuff. I’m ABBAsHelicopter on Twitch as well.

I mainly play Steam backlog games or stuff that goes on sale that more people should buy - did a playthrough of the most recent Momodora game last week. I haven’t settled into a hard schedule yet but I think I’m gonna do a free game/demo/alpha showcase on Fridays. Also I play a bit of Magic Online, even though I’m not very good. But it’s cool. Maybe you’ll like my stuff and not get annoyed by my corny jokes still.


I’m very very interested in getting started streaming making art…I would have to buy some equipment but John Le does some really awesome streams and Audrey Auclaire and some other folks. It’s a really cool community and seems to be a great way to get people interested in seeing your process and engaging with your work and hopefully…eventually buying something. If anyone has a guide to getting into streaming I’d super appreciate that link. I have experience with a tricaster and live productions so lighting and switching I can definitely do haha


I stream on a semi-regular basis; mostly Nintendo games like Splatoon 2/currently Mario or whatever PC game I fall back on when I dunno what else to play (usually PUBG or StarCraft 2). I streamed almost all of my playthrough of Breath of the Wild and compiled it into a playlist.

My stream is at:


I did a fifteen-minute stream just now to see what it was like – unlisted (as far as I can tell; I’m not really conversant with the streamer side of Twitch’s interface). I… am not sure what my takeaway was. In any case, I imagine that an oft-cited point of streaming (i.e., interacting with people) is easier if you have 1. skill or love of being an entertainer and 2. a second monitor (or just one very large monitor).


Streaming with only a single monitor is very ill-advised. Maybe if you have a tablet that you can use to monitor chat on, it might be all right. Especially if you’re starting out, you’re probably gonna have to troubleshoot a bunch, and alt-tabbing to check twitch dashboard/streaming program settings is gonna be a rough time.

Also, I almost never stream with the intention of interacting with anyone, though of course I try to be welcoming if people come along to watch.


I stream Wednesdays at 8PM EST (and sometimes bonus streams Fridays / other days) at rosscampk. I started streaming Darkwood a friend maybe 4 months ago and enjoyed it. It made me realize that the social part of games is one of the biggest draws for me.

Being able to hang out, drink tea, pet a cat and play games is a truly fun time. Streaming has also strengthened some of the relationships in my life, which I was not sure would happen from videogames as an adult.

I’ll add y’all on Twitch. Let’s have fun!


Years ago I streamed pretty regularly and I’ve decided to get back into it as a New Year, New Me kind of thing. If anyone would like to check it out, I’ll be starting hopefully this first week of the new year at FauxStrats.

It’s a brand new channel and I’ve probably pretty rusty but what’s there to lose? I can always burn my channel to the ground when I embarass myself.


I’m thinking about starting streaming soon, mostly because I want to share me getting way too emotional over Pokemon Nuzlocke runs.