Twitch Suspends Trump for 'Hateful Conduct'

I was an active Kotaku reader at the time, remember that very well. Shitty scene.

As an aside I always thought it was funny that Gamers demanded games be taken seriously then got mad when people started critically analysing the writing or politics of what they were playing.


It’s like the thing with Druckmann and Barlog on Twitter. They don’t want critical analysis that actually takes their output seriously as art, they just want validation.


Speaking of Druckmann, Dia Lacina with the receipts:


At first I was thinking maybe he didn’t know who Moriarty is and was just being a mindlessly posi person about indie games. But click into the replies and there are receipts of Druckmann showing support during the Kinda Funny fallout. Folks, we have ourselves a snek boy stan.

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There is (or was) another subreddit or meme called “tumblr in action” which was built around cherry-picking the “worst” moments of left criticism or trans identity. So Kotaku in Action is a five minute hate forum where people find gaming takes they don’t like and whine about it.

Proud to say I made it on there once.