Uber Strike [Oct 9th-10th]

Drivers are demanding:

  • The IWGB is appealing for public support for striking drivers and asking customers to not cross the digital picket line by using the app during the strike. Supporters are invited to join protests outside Uber’s offices in London, Birmingham and Nottingham.
  • An increase in fares to £2 per mile (currently £1.25 in London)
  • A 10% reduction in commissions paid by drivers to Uber (currently 25% for UberX)
  • An end to unfair deactivations which are de facto dismissals
  • Uber apply the Employment and Employment Appeal Tribunals’ judgements and immediately implement employment conditions that respect worker rights for drivers, including the payment of at least the minimum wage and paid holidays

James Farrar, Chair of the IWGB’s UPHD branch, said: “After years of watching take home pay plummet and with management bullying of workers on the rise, workers have been left with no choice but to take strike action. We ask the public to please support drivers by not crossing the digital picket line by not using the app during strike time.”

Related to earlier discussion of the Amazon strike, I’m curious to know if people will be respecting this strike’s digital picket line globally and also would like to know from other users (especially those in the US) if they hear about this today from other mainstream sources so that they would have been aware of the digital picket line without reading this thread (because obviously no one can respect a picket line that they don’t know exists and you can’t actually picket digitally which is why this always seems so different to physical picket lines that you can actually see).



Oh wow thanks for bringing this to my attention. I live in the US and honestly had not heard about this (even doing a quick online search, I’m not seeing much from US publications talking about it).

I occasionally have to travel out of town for the work I do, and would rather not rent a car, so I do use Uber quite a bit, when I’m in a different city. Thankfully I’m not traveling this week, so there’s no reason for me to use a rideshare app, but if I did, I’d definitely try my hardest to find other modes of transport to get around. I know that’s not ideal action, but I wanna be honest about what I can do.