Ubisoft Apologizes for 'Watch Dogs: Legion' Ad That Appeared to Reference Hong Kong Protests

Ubisoft has deleted and apologized for a Facebook post promoting Watch Dogs: Legion, a game about building an underground resistance in a near-future authoritarian London, because it was mistaken by some people for referencing the real, massive protests in Hong Kong that started earlier this month.

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I really like the hole Ubisoft has been digging so far.

I’m honestly just happy to see a company apologizing for things coughCDProjektRedcough.


Legion could use a lot more of the kind of organised, effective resistance we’ve seen in Hong Kong recently. As a protest slogan “Stop Killing Us” is pretty evergreen, whereas “Bring back the bobbies” can get in the sea.


Yeah, it’d probably be better if they doubled down on this and said “Yep, that’s the kind of game we’re making.”


They’re killing it this year

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